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Wisconsin “fast tracks Right to Work”

RTW Wisconsin

Wisconsin “fast tracks Right to Work” – thousands of union members and their leaders show up to derail the Wisconsin legislature in advancing RTW.

What continues to be present in these situations is that the Right Wing is well prepared for the situation and are increasingly successful in knowing our plan of action well enough to defeat it.

Labor is then left with reacting to the situation and left to complain about the unfairness of it all on Facebook.

Other than to keep people informed – social media is again used very passively in a situation that begs for numbers to come to bear in order to change it!

Also missing is taking on the “puppet masters” which is the money behind the scenes. Talk and rhetoric has NEVER worked with this group and any discussion of fairness and common sense of the legislation without big and hard numbers backing it up continues to be useless.

Discussions by corporate interests are fronts to appear to be engaged in the issues with labor and to gain facts and develop strategies and tactics to then defeat labor.

If you ever saw the movie Moneyball – think like Billy Beane did, what do the numbers and only the numbers show.

What the numbers overwhelming show is that almost every time we engage with corporate interest and collaborate with them – it is used against us and shoved up our butt – soon thereafter.

Politicians are mere sheep doing the bidding of the corporate interests.

These are “junk yard dogs” who don’t play by any rules other than their own – so why is labor surprised when they change them to their advantage.

Labor Rising was built to take on these entities and circumvent the whole BS system now in place.

Our Founders won that way, we need to adapt the 21st Century version of legal and lawful labor activism and unrest to turn these situations around.

Any comprehensive reading of labor history shows that labor where masters of creating and using UNCERTAINTY – showing up and attacking corporate profits without warning and very targeted.

In Solidarity –

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

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