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Why Won’t McGarvey Throw a Change Up –

What’s up with this? Is he afraid? Is he controlled by the management side of construction? Does he lack the ability to read the times and situation?

For most of the readers, you understand that when Labor Rising asks these questions; that this and other questions are not only pointed towards the President of the National Building Trades Sean McGarvey, but also the trades respective IP’s. (International Presidents)

Change up – what kind of Change-up? Is it the kind in baseball? Which BTW the pitchers needed to develop, to maintain parity with the hitters or perhaps die! One heck of an irony. Here is a good link for baseball fans and fans of the Building Trades (your jobs) on why Sean better develop one NOW – or the IP’s need to go out and find us a leader that can.

The Change-up for the trades is in becoming “THE” construction manager on the job. This initiative/change can’t die on the vine because the senior leaders just don’t like it or have an unfounded opinion not based in law and fact.  “IF” that is the case then the State and Local Building Trades leaders “have too” act to do it! At the end of this Blog are all the links necessary to create the document of how to move fast and “get er done”! Not a strong suit for most of the trades leadership!

This “CHANGE-UP” is not covered by Labor Law people, it is under corporate law. The trades can place themselves inside a framework that can’t be changed under federal and state law without hurting the corporate entity – I hope those reading this – get this! It is a PLA – hello! It can be sold as an instrument of labor peace. PLA’s are a vanishing entity and with an anti-union federal government – soon! It provides an international jurisdictional dispute mechanism to keep the trades from all the internal infighting. It would deal the management side out of the dispute mechanism. BIG! 10-K’s can be handled internally instead of at the NLRB. HUGE! It is straight up competitive right now! It can balance the need for top-line revenue and PROFITS with a volume of hours coming in @ competitive prices. It would attract many industries we in the trades have long been out of. A Building Trades Construction Manager can act as a temp agency and dispatch workers for short and long term job assignments. Its profits can be used to “possibly” shore up underfunded Taft-Hartley pensions. Brother Brent Emons please let us/me know if you think this is a possibility!!! This is the only source of NEW MONEY other than thru federal legislation to save the approx. 1/3 of Taft-Hartley pensions that are either insolvent and/or strongly headed that way! Legislation is off the table with this government. And Brother Brent, while you have your thinking hat on – could the construction manager adopt a profit sharing plan that directly rewards employees and safety? Building Trades members would then be working for themselves –  LITERALLY! And much of the unnecessary BS on the job would be limited.

Why am I asking Brother Brent Emons these types of questions is that he has more structured knowledge and practical applications than anyone in the trades with this instrument! Case closed! Also, he knows how to work with the lawyers to get to YES, we can!!!

There would be a dozen or so Building Trades Construction Managers throughout the US and if not directly in Canada, then serving Canada. The regional CM (construction managers) would most likely be mid-size CM’s. This would be an area of immediate need in nearly a dozen of areas that are void of CM’s that even talk to the trades. Some of those regional BT CM’s could grow into national players.

Money! We have enough for this enterprise across all locals and DC’s. Complete waste of membership money being used to be reactive to many losing positions for the trades.  How about we in the trades develop a CHANGE-UP to throw at the world of construction. Many trades in a region could provide the needed funding for this. The people we already have, and we could also go out and directly compete for top level construction professionals. Hint: very few get a piece of the action today with the existing corporate structure.

Existing corporate CM’s and even developers need massive profits to sustain their existence – a CM run by the trades does not! Check – most of the profits and top line revenues of existing CM’s are needed to be sustainable in business, or they must merge or die. Our business model of a CM owned by the trades would crush the existing model, which would change CONSTRUCTION DELIVERY! IF Sean even understood this a bit – he would act on this alone. Talk about power!

Want true Labor-Management collaboration with each side preserving their identify – you are looking at the vehicle for this. Who is OUT when the trades do this! The very entities created to undermine the trades in the first place – the CM’s. Turnabout is fair play if Sean and the good ole boy network have even some guts!

So, entities such as AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust, American Realty Advisors, Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, Multi-Employer Property Trust, Ullico Inc and dozens of others should be our natural clients. They solicit our pension funds for investments – so why wouldn’t they hire a union run CM? How about the on-going discussion of using Pension Funds to Build Infrastructure and Put Americans to Work – here is an excellent piece from Center for American Progress.    From Real Estate to Infrastructure Investment Funds, why aren’t the trades CM the preferred vehicle? We give “OUR” pension dollars to CM’s that for the most part want us gone – NOT SMART!

Add to that, that much of the future infrastructure will be done in private/public partnerships and my god are we this stupid to only want the jobs, how about the management and profits of doing those projects! Snap the Hell out of it Building Trades!

What I see and know is what the map of Building Trades Construction Managers would look like nationally. Canadians – we just don’t know your laws and the mix of federal and provincial laws well enough to make a reasoned case. We do know that a US based CM can operate in Canada.

In the New England States and (Super Bowls champs). States like Maine led by John Napolitano and other New England BT leaders throughout the area could be anchored by the very capably run Massachusetts BT. Genuine leaders such as Brother’s Jay Hurley, Mike Monahan, Jeff Sullivan and other BT leaders have the numbers to create a CM for their area. I think it was Brother Jay that coined the term “extinction level events are unfolding for the trades” – yep! Hell, the affordable housing issue there in Boston, and across the country would be ideal for labor and government to partner. And if the for-profit CM’s are out – why not. What are they going to do – threaten us? That is a long line already, and another threat isn’t going to make a difference with our diminishing market share.

New York City & State would be its own group with 35 to 40 billion in work per year just in NYC.  NYC BT quit negotiating with those developers and CM’s. You’re on the wrong end of the deal continuously in concessions & market share. NYC is a non-union town. Attack!

Ohio and Pennslvania State BT leaders Brothers Dennis Duffey & Frank Sirianni could anchor their own joint BT CM. Southern Ohio is a ABC hotbed moving north, and the center of Pennsylvania is rat city moving east and west. BT’s like Brother Mark Johnson, at Tri-State BT and other surrounding BT’s would like this type of tactic and tool to use!

The anti-union infestation of DC is legendary, so a consortium of BT throughout DC, New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic states could put a “dog” into any further erosion of work in an area that is losing ground daily. OE Local 825 BM, Brother Greg Lalevee, along with Brother Bert McDermitt are the standard of leadership, and should the BT rise to that level – good night for the non-union ABC with this tactic in their arsenal. BTW the ABC started in Baltimore.

The Mid-West is becoming RTW central so why don’t we just roll over and let the non/anti-union continue to eat up the last remaining market share left in the cities and a handful of industries. The State BT leaders of Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa need to get this on the agenda – yesterday – with a Trump Presidency. Minnesota is the solid player in the Mid-West to led this effort. Illinois does not have a state BT and is fragmented and moves slowly. However, that shouldn’t stop them from working with other mid-western states to get at least one BT run CM up and running. Brothers Rory Washburn from the Tri-City BT and Brother James Sweeney, BM from the OE Local 150 are the standard of leadership. Brother James NEVER saw a non/anti-union fight he didn’t’’t like!

Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska can move together. Solid leaders like Brother Chuck Tarpley and the rest of the leaders of the KC BT can do this. Colorado needs a dynamic BT leader to led that always busy with work state. Missouri can’t hope for a solution to RTW any more than the other RTW States. Put your bodies in a room and don’t come out until you have a BT run CM.

Florida is shot until and unless they get a take charge kind of leader down there and are going no-where fast. The standard of leadership to pull this off would be of the level that Bill Dever displayed when at the Florida Gulf Coast BT. The IBEW was smart enough to promote him.

Texas could anchor Texas, Oklahoma & Louisiana and the heart of all kinds of commercial and industrial work. Brother Danny Hendrix of Pipe Liners 798 is the standard there. Along with Brother Paul Puente of the Houston Gulf Coast BT. Brother Puente and his companion BT’s have held their own. Give them this tool and tactic and you’ll see upside growth in solid numbers take hold.

Los Angeles BT led by Brother Ron Miller, San Diego BT led by Brother Tom Lemmon – along with Las Vegas BT could become a death tri-angle for the non-union. This could extend to Arizona and possible Utah. Brothers Mike McDonald, Richard Carr and their Utah BT partners have been fighting with no other help except themselves forever. Washington DC BT doesn’t ever help out west – ask those leaders!

Santa Clara and San Benito BT’s Brother Josue Garcia is out of the box thinking. Silicon Valley has huge amounts of work. Blend in San Francisco BT and southern Oregon and the trades could stop the non-union initiatives in their tracks. Brother Robbie Hunter is the person that should run the entire BT nationally – but as the California BT leader would/has crushed non-union with a north – south initiative. God I would love to see this.

Washington State BT leader Brother Lee Newgent is a hard core no-nonsense leader that has a fabulous team of local BT leaders. However just like in Pennsylvania – the rats occupy the center of the state and are pushing east and west. I’m quite sure Brother Lee and the gang could prepare a plan to handle this.

For those areas not mentioned please let us know who has the horsepower to take on the wrath of Sean McGarvey. The leaders listed above are team players – however they aren’t push overs either. And if the present day doesn’t move them – then we’ll hang around the bars soon, and lament the good ole days of what could have been.

So, a dozen areas that would tilt the balance of power and the way construction is delivered in the US and possible Canada and we sit. The trades have every type of vendor from banks to insurance companies to facilitate this formation of CM’s. We have a natural Market. We have the people and training. What we don’t have is the “WILL” to do it! Meanwhile Sean and the IP’s are playing nice with the very entities that want to see us gone!

Also, Brother Brent Emons will work with any valid and good faith leaders in how this works in today’s environment. To get in touch with Brent – call me.

Here are the links to the documents to create the Building Trades own Construction Managers:

Articles of Incorporation –!AmKOi71GyLcggwsE741khfQsVeXn

Business Plan –!AmKOi71GyLcggwpYNOemTE-Y2Ha-

Legal Corporate Bylaws –!AmKOi71GyLcggwiX19QC-CoRGe6y

Stockholders Meetings –!AmKOi71GyLcggwMHqF1hPTzYGu5S

Meeting Notes and Framework of Decisions –!AmKOi71GyLcggwdBj6Y1yfAZc0KQ  –!AmKOi71GyLcggwZdP0LFjmkN3_ko!AmKOi71GyLcggwXAkJLCSaqUzW-R

To win we must throw some great change-ups for strikes.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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