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As of 5:30 am CST on Wednesday the 23rd, the picture and live link was up on the National Building Trades site. Here is a short video for those that mostly my not see it because hopefully it will be taken care of.!499310&authkey=!AOADi8hPXgfl6WE&ithint=video%2cmp4

Yesterday we let Brother McGarvey know that for several months his social media links either pointed to accounts held by Labor Rising and/or where broken.

So he fixed them only to compound the issue by having a site controlled by Labor Rising on the Building Trades main site on the Homepage.

This is the state of using technology, internet and social signals thru-out the Building Trades as a rule. Whoever does this and we know who it is, is useless and a teenager knows more and should be hired to do basic work regarding technology.

This IS NOT hacked!! It is sheer incompetence! 2016 is going to be a year of revealing just how widespread and systematic our incompetence, and that of our chosen vendors are with real examples and details.

The Labor Movement needs its voice to be heard again and technology is the mega horn to do that. The issue is we have millions of dollars being spent on IT and messaging which is pure BS and a group of senior officers that keep the trades DOWN because they will not use it. We still use TV and radio. A complete mass texting program almost at the international level can be built for the cost of these self-serving commercials. We still say call and write your politicians.

The Building Trades with its active and retired members is sitting on millions of social signals and we in the trades wonder why we are having perception issues with the public and beyond.

Whoever controls the message – wins!


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