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Union Organizing & Arrogance –

Pride in one’s self, their organization & abilities as a leader is absolutely essential to the success as a leader, leading an organization. Pride allows for genuine participation of all members in the union and their value is appreciated and acted upon.

Ego in one’s self, their organization & abilities as a leader is a solid “red flag”; and that success as a leader of an organization can be undermined with self-importance. A key aspect of ego in leadership is the manipulating of real circumstances & facts to justify & excuse real and measurable declines in membership, money & power. Ego, and a leader’s personal feeling, trump “hard numbers” retarding/preventing much needed change.

Arrogance in one’s self, their organization & abilities as a leader is a cancer! Arrogance is characterized in its most basic form as a trait. This trait in a leader not only doesn’t recognize issues & numbers for what they are; they insist that they are improving the situation in spite of every known number overwhelmingly demonstrating the opposite!  Arrogance is further characterized by the window dressing and illusion of co-operation. Arrogance at the end of the day crushes any & all opposition to their positions of authority.  Arrogance in bad leadership requires loyalty to a fault to the leader and not to the organization one swore an oath to serve and leave “better” than when they joined!

Imagine if you would, a unit/army of Marines, or other military units, who were loyal to a fault to any given commander and not there oath. Chao and tyranny would ensue brothers & sisters.

Organizing is the “life blood” of unions and as such has to be a cauldron of activism and ideas. The status quo, especially when the numbers dictate that – needs to be blown up; if we as Building Trades Rank & File and Leadership expect to change that FACT!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

In Solidarity –

Danny L Caliendo

Labor Combat Organizing College

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