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Union Organizing and Construction Delivery –

Solve the problem instead of constantly complaining about the problem. These #CombatConstruction documents do exactly that!

In 24 RTW States and several more states where the combined market share of the Building Trades is in the single digits, these documents are the solution.

The Building Trades in those areas can absolutely and legally become the Construction Manager. They would change the delivery of construction forever more. What these documents still clearly lack are leaders to do the necessary “risk/reward analyses”. It looks something like this – The Big Construction Managers & General Contractors say don’t use them or else. The or else in every single case is a threat. It is a threat from a bully that is going to take what little is left in the market share regardless. With 85% plus of the construction market anti or non-union, and with the trend still moving down – NET; then this risk/reward analyses in many areas is already done.

With so many national & regional construction managers being double breasted, those threats while on the surface are onerous, properly analyzed, they would show that they are not sustainable threats.

As Construction Managers not driven by profits, our price would immediately be attractive and in many cases the lower price. The “end-users”, the entity that signs the check would get what they always get, the best trained and safest workers in the world at a very competitive , if not the better cost.

The equation is very strait forward. In this equation the end-user deals with this traditional construction delivery system.  Construction manager & profit, general contractor & profit, contractor & profit, other consultants/lawyers & profit – worker; if union –screwed! If non-union – screwed!

Or, The Building Trades as respective Construction Manager/General Contractor – as close to revenue neutral or non-profit. Contractors, if union – competitive prices and solid profit.  If non-union contractor; not accepted unless they sign CBA. Workers paid per CBA.

Brothers & Sisters, someone is going to be “odd man out” in the upcoming decade in one of those above scenario’s, – you know who it is! WORKERS!

Also the Union Construction Manager would be a built in PLA for additional value to end-user. It would have the rapid and enforceable jurisdictional powers to enforce on those job sites. RTW, minor issue if at all. The end-user would deal with a single entity when purchasing and not 14 separate and distinct unions. The end-users could deal directly with the Building Trades and cut out all the middle man BS. Union only pension funds would have a union Construction Manager to source jobs and partner with to create even more work.

These are the links to the documents done successfully at the Milwaukee Building Trades 22 years ago. They provide a template in which to rapidly work from.

They quietly died because they did their job!  That job 22 years ago was to get the Construction Managers attention, which were even back then playing union against non-union and union against union to stop. They succeeded very effectively!  Also bear in mind the union environment 22 years ago when we had market share.

These documents are waiting on “leaders” to move it to the top of the agenda for consideration, and with the urgency to get to a decision in months – not quarters & years!

Politicians, keep sitting on your hands and collect your checks – if there are enough of you, we are going down- if the status quo is not broken!

Combat Construction Documents:

In Solidarity,

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Combat Organizing College

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