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Time to Push the Numbers Baby – A Rank & File Trades MOVEMENT

When I first became an Ironworker Organizer, my BM sent me to train under Brent Emons BM for IW 8.

Driving the backroads of northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan, I asked him, “What is the single best trait that makes an organizer good or even great?”

His response was – persistence! I never forgot that! Brent became my mentor, and his wisdom served all union trades well to this day.

The much-needed abilities of research, strategy development, labor law, marketing, etc. are only possible with persistence of action and follow through.

The numbers above will set the stage for a shift in how Labor Rising ratchets up reigniting the Rank & File as a MOVEMENT. Hitting 10,000 plus followers provides the needed leverage in the field and on jobsites.

Most of the R&F would not know that our 258 blogs are not blogs in the strictest of sense of the word. They are really activist communications. Many casual unionist in name think they are too long. 😊

Our blogs and direct training to approximately 350 Locals and District Councils throughout North America have identified field organizers to take back the Building Trades as a worker’s movement rather than a transactional business union with transactional management alliances.

Transactional cost economics of CURT et al, & our senior International officers need to end. Their policies of coercion, threats, incentives, lying, etc. to maintain control of rank & file union field craftspersons needs an end!

Thank you to all the forums that have allowed Labor Rising to publish our “blogs” – we haven’t gotten to this point without your fair and even-handed administration. We know what you’ve been dealing with!

Also, the “likes” for our posts are organic, and as much as we like this – please consider using a text to our number so we can continue to put you into the brother & sisterhood of activist.

All contact info is on our respective social media & website.

Next up, the transactional use of recruitment by the trades – you are NOT organizers as our Founders were by design. Measurable facts. Being played to an end by your own union or Labor Rising? Let us see!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo


Labor Rising

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