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The War Within –

Inner Turmoil

Strip away all the talk of the Building Trades Leadership and let’s get to the numbers!

This website is Find the Company – reliable info entirely from unions own federally required documents, without any bias either for or against unions. Just comparisons to other unions, started in 1970.

Scroll down to your International. At the end of the internationals info is all the affiliates’ individual district councils and local unions’ info for your review.

This website is unionfacts.   com – anti-union website which you will find usually on the first page of the Google search for a particular union. Uses info from federally required information and also other federal agencies that are not required, but searchable if you know of their existence. It is arranged to put the unions in the worst light possible. We list this one because they are found all the time and dominate the Google search pages more than any other. We do not provide a link – so no authority is granted to this entity. Labor Rising has a 21st Century way to handle this, however most of the Internationals don’t want to hear about it!

This website is The Association for Union Democracy – reliable pro-trades group whose entire purpose is to educate the membership and help them deal with “Good ole Boy” – “Country Club” trade unions. Labor Rising respects the work this group does and is indicative how many unions still talk a good game of democracy and membership running the union.

Labor Rising has gone thru these, and other areas of the normal & deep web several times. Every single local union from all trades except the carpenters.

  • 72% of all unions have declining membership from 2002 till last reporting period – usually 2013/2014.
  • 17% of unions that show increases in membership which is due to mergers and is artificial number from 2002 till today.
  • The remaining percentage either had stable or rising memberships from 2002 to the present reporting period.

Bear in mind that anyone that is willing to pay dues is counted and in many cases so are retired members.

So now those members and leaders reading this can find out what the reports filed with the respective government agencies actually say.

Quite a bit different then what is typically reported at meetings and conventions.

According to the US Construction Spending of Value of Construction Put in Place at a Glance April 2015, which is now at all-time record levels.

This run of work will be the first time since the early 70’s that the Building Trades does not gain both membership and hours worked, and will not track as other run ups in work in the previous decades.

We still have a narrow window to turn this around, however it will not turn using a business model and the numbers listed thru-out all documents should demonstrate that very clearly.

Plainly stated – if the numbers don’t win the day in overturning the status quo of the current strategy then why are you carrying a book in the first place.

Politicians have to be replaced by leaders – NOW!

Have to move or die! The call 20 non-union contractors a week and meet with 5 to explain our values and the job site blitzes just aren’t getting the numbers needed to increase market share. They actually correlate very highly with losing market share – Labor Rising absolutely states and can back it up in hard clean numbers, that the current go 2 strategy of Value on Display is exactly the STRATEGY the non/anti-union is using AGAINST us, to beat us. New York along with other last bastions of union Building Trades market share are rapidly turning non-union.

A CBA is about labor peace and not having our heads up the butts of business and politicians begging them to help us! Pathetic –

“if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

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