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Strategic Organizing

In class, you will learn about:

  • Market development and organizing along the lines of credit, clients and social footprint as primary strategies
  • Power mapping template to develop entire market of contractors (both union & open shop) in the union’s own market
  • Plotting of all contractors organized geographically and by revenue in your union’s market
  • Establishing your union’s  Compression Zone(s) to identify specific non/anti-union contractors to pro-actively organize
  • Credit reports, how to read and use them
  • Clearly identifying areas where unions can increase market share and learning the specifics of how to do so
  • Re-establishing the perception that unions can win
  • De-emphasizing the role of the NLRB in organizing – no “turn & burn” as a strategy!
  • Section 7 & 8 in one hour, all you need to know to effectively organize
  • Credibility determinations & controlling the message
  • Pension withdrawal liability issues and what it means to market development and organizing respectively
  • Taking on anti-union market share we know we can win and changing the dynamics of our markets
  • Picking our targets asymmetrically and with purpose
  • Putting known anti-union contractors in a box
  • Controlling the non/anti-unions hiring in your union market
  • Overview of the “pit-bull puppy strategy” – service & residential markets
  • Not a re-tread program of existing organizing programs; Labor Rising views top-down, Breslin, bottom-up & pressure campaigns as tools, not strategies