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In class, you will learn about:

  • How technology can help you communicate more effectively with your members
  • Why instantaneous communication is important to you and to your organization
  • Wielding the dormant political power contained within your membership
  • Using technology to communicate with your membership leveraging methods they already use
  • How using technology to communicate with membership can save you both time and money

Communication is a key element of success in every organization. In labor, however, communication is vital. Over the past year, we have worked with hundreds of Labor Leaders. Nearly every one of them has mentioned communication as one of the most deficient areas of their organizations.  Successful, coordinated communication is the key to wielding your politicsl influence, both internally and externally.

Information Travels at the Speed of Light

Getting your message out to your membership is crucial. With the ubiquity of smartphones and tools such as texting, e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter at their fingertips, your members are constantly communicating. It happens instantaneously. If you’re not using these same tools, your message can be overlooked or ignored completely. But, as with any tool, understanding when and how to use these communication tools is a skill.

In class, we will give you an overview of some 21st century technology that can help you communicate with your membership including mass texting, e-mail, and even smartphone apps.