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The Program

Our program features two levels of classes:  Foundations and Advanced.


This 2½ day session is underpinned with deep research & education. The primary mission is to learn how to practically obtain and use critical market information. Useful proactive research on the non/anti-union contractors and markets will increase your victories substantially. The secondary mission of Foundations training is to develop proactive strategies based on real world situations. Foundations will also instruct on the tactics and structure necessary to win in diverse environments.

Foundations is recommended for all organizers/agents who do not have a working knowledge of using SIC/NAICS Codes, Advanced Business and Credit Reports, Compression Zone Development, Asymmetrical Organizing, Power Mapping, Internet Research, SEO, Keywords, SERPs, Smart Phones, Twitter and Facebook as aggressive organizing tools; Foundations is going to instruct you on how to get results and win! Not taught in any other program.

Class Prep
Following your registration for Foundations, you will be provided with links to the 5 part Opposition Research Videos, the 3 hour pre-recorded class preparation video to view in advance of class and the information on how to connect to follow up Go 2 Webinar.


Day 1: Introduction and Strategic Organizing

Day 2: Contractor Marketing and Communication

Day 3: Opposition Research and Wrap-up



The Advanced class builds on the knowledge from the Foundations class.  This 2 1/2 day class focuses on in-depth understanding of the concepts presented in Foundations.  We build on these concepts, using real world information about your specific market.  We will use this information to identify potential strategies and tactics for you to employ.

The Advanced class is intended for those who have successfully completed the Foundations class and want to take their knowledge to the next level.We will take a deep dive into:

Strategic Organizing:

  • Shutting down the “non/anti-union” hiring in your local area, including pro-active actions with regard to the temp agencies
  • Resurgence and surgical use of participation agreements with the “non/anti-union”
  • A defense fund, not “contractors crack”, to re-gain organizing initiative’s to advance union contractors in targeted markets
  • Advanced discussion of the Pit Bull Puppy Strategy and how to specifically build a residential, service and mid-market “Compression Zone”; including the specific steps for development of CBA, trust fund and prevailing wage
  • Bottom –up – taken out of the box. Technology can make this tactic a winner! Cyber Organizing

Opposition Research:

  • Advanced techniques of opposition research. A detailed ability to get information in the public, private, business and personnel records
  • How to advance this information in today’s world

Contractor Marketing Program:

  • Unions and their dormant core competency as sales and marketing engines for union contractors
  • How to use aggressively use the internet to advance union workers and their contractors
  • Unions dominating sales & marketing and having non-union contractors wanting to join our unions
  • How to dominate existing indexes, Angie’s, Dex, Yellow Pages, etc…
  • Our own unions’ social footprint, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc… taking our use of social signals from “passive to very aggressive” to increase market share and more
  • Building upon our understanding of a web designer/developer and internet marketer /SEO
  • Using relevance and authority in the world of SEO – Advanced education
  • Blogging to dominate authority in your trade
  • Researching the content of end-users and what it specifically means to unions
  • Apprenticeship use of the internet and recruitment and training


  • Internal union communications platform using mass texting, mass email and smart phones – another level
  • Apps to connect leadership with membership – the specific steps
  • How to leverage our combined numbers for political power – why Twitter!