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The Entire Building Trades vs. Young Activists Moving an Issue –

David Hogg is a survivor of the Parkland School shooting. He, along with the other survivors, has put more people in the streets and advanced the issue of gun control more in a few weeks than the entire political and public spectrum to date. Contrast that to the Building Trades’ senior leadership which has done little to advance workers’ rights in the past 40 years!

Passion/activism/a dedicated cause, tied to the use of contemporary social media tools, is what makes the difference.

Our senior Building Trades leaders WILL NOT use aggressive and structured social media platforms. Senior leadership will NOT bring heat on the bad actors in construction and are all tied at the hip to management. With approximately 1.8 million members/employees in the trades, and another 12 million in the combined AFL-CIO, labor can own issues and shape the perception of what labor means to a society. “IF” perception is reality, then what is sitting in your pockets is how to shape that reality! Cheap and effective reality – the “baseball bat” (a metaphor, people) of the contemporary era – and the trades’ IPs, now composed of James P. “Bud” McCourt, Newton Jones, James Boland, Lonnie Stephenson, James P. Hoffa, Frank Christensen, Eric Dean, Daniel E. Stepano, Kenneth E. Rigmaiden, Kinsey Robinson, Joseph Sellers, Jr., Mark McManus, Terry O’Sullivan and James T. Callahan, along with their point man Sean Mc Garvey, preside over a totally failed culture of connecting workers to advance the interests of all workers via mass communication and social media platforms!

The IPs above have spent millions of dollars of membership’s money on commercials and branding, with the “NET” results being lower trade density and work over the last 40 years. Combine that with a wholesale give back of wages, benefits & conditions and leaders they are not!

The IPs’ malfeasance of not using the collective power of the R&F is tantamount to leaving the rig at the gate of the project, and building the job with ramps, pulleys, wedges, screws, etc. in the 21st century.

By contrast, young Brother Hogg et al, has cost Fox a significant amount of $$$ because he and his co-activists know how to leverage the media. He is costing the Gun Lobby money, members and future members. He is shaping the views of the issue regardless of what your own personal beliefs regarding this issue are! The Trades Founders would call him Brother and mean it!

David Hogg


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8:30 PM – Mar 28, 2018 · Washington, DC

129K 77.6K people are talking about this. Approximately 129,000 tweets and re-tweets since March 28th and thus far nearly 15 sponsors have quit Ingraham’s show on Fox. Contrast that with the Trades having 1.8 MILLION social signals in the bank to deploy on issues important to workers, say RTW, and senior leadership still uses phone banks and postcards. The trades could start immediately leveraging the 1.8 million members who have cell phones in their hands. What is missing is leadership that doesn’t think social media is a passing fad and living under a rock.

Contrast the above with another Fabulous Brother – Sal Starace who is trying to bring awareness, discussion and change to the largest project in New York.

Posted by Brother Sal Starace on FB on 4/1/2018: “#CountMeIn is a movement that started on October 19th, 2017 on the corner of 34th St. and 10th Avenue. Workers have been protesting against broken shop, that means developers have union and non-union workers working together on the same jobsite.

Developers are hoping to save money on construction costs using our tax dollars to hire lower skilled workers with less safety training. This jeopardizes the well-trained union people on the job and the community at large. The “broken shop” model lowers area wage standards for all workers and is a direct assault on middle America! This irresponsible practice cannot go unchecked.

The Hudson Yards isn’t just another massive project, it is the biggest project in the History of the United States of America. Right now unions all around the country are under attack, this style of corporate greed is destroying the American Dream and that is why this #CountMeIn movement is so important, not only is it fighting against Broken Shop, it’s fighting to make sure your tax dollars are used in a responsible way, supporting safe construction practices, supporting working people who vote and contribute to the vibrant economy of NYC.”

Phase 1 is due to be complete in the first half of 2018.

Expect more non-union to be on the upcoming phases if all the trades have is Count Me In & a Lawsuit –

The difference is Hogg, et al, have harnessed the power of active/structured social messaging and used it to give voice to what is clearly an issue that needs addressing.

Brother Starace is no less passionate in his and other workers’ issues. The difference is Brother Starace only has a passive and limited ability to get his message out. If all the trades and affiliates had a mass communications platform in place, then 1.8 million members’ voices along with their sphere of influence could command change – or else!

Building this capability would be very inexpensive and with little to zero political BS. These platforms already exist. It would be mostly a one-way communications platform – except when leadership at any level needed feedback. That feedback would most likely be done in a structured way like a poll and/or questionnaire.

So, why not? Because this would bring the membership into the world of activist along with leadership. And this group of IPs, along with those of the past 40 years, want nothing to do with being a MOVEMENT! Absolutely nothing!

They are a business, a best in class temp agency – that’s all they aspire to be! And they will perpetuate it until it’s gone, which will be in short time. The bad guys are busy actively transferring both members and contractors, along with withdrawing work. Only bodies are needed, approximately 10% or more of those bodies to be a temp agency. So WHY do the work that created a MIDDLE CLASS –  A MOVEMENT! That’s very difficult!

The culture the IPs currently maintain is like cancer to a MOVEMENT, which labor needs to be. Capitalism can only work if there is a strong LABOR MOVEMENT! The trades in capitulation, trying to be competitive with the non-union, have itself created the “race to the bottom” in the construction world.

And, those very same young people now in the streets will re-energize workers MOVEMENTS/unions – but will not join this iteration of business-bought leadership!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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