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The Construction Chart Book – 6th Edition – and this means what to me!?!

People ask all the time – how do we at Labor Rising/Labor Combat get the numbers that are contained in our research and blogs? One of those sources is The Construction Chart Book.

The Construction Chart Book, now in its 6th Edition, started in 1990. Here is the link:

The Chart Books are a LAGGING indicator and the 6th Edition, which has been recently released, deals with info thru 2015. Although history to some, for any organizer/market planner it is invaluable information to use to see where we HAVE BEEN, so we know where we ARE GOING!

This is “our” book of Building Trades specific information, dealing exclusively with the trades in North America. And yet, it is not released or widely shared throughout the trades. So, as President of North America’s Building Trades Unions and Board Chair and President, CPWR, where is it Sean? Is it in a black box under your desk at BT HQ? As far as we know, Labor Rising is the only entity that has shared it with Rank & File members, agents and organizers! We have shared the 4th, 5th & now the 6th Edition on our dime!

The consensus of those who attend Labor Rising/Labor Combat training is that there are two primary reasons these Chart Books ARE NOT shared. First, they have continuously painted a crystal-clear picture, in detail, of the trades’ continuing demise. ALL numbers are vetted and researched, paid in part by OUR per capita participation as dues paying members of the Building Trades!

Nice! Great info to build intelligent strategies for truly expanding market share, and it sits, as it always has, hidden in plain sight from those R&F Agents and Organizers who can make sense out of it.

Second, the locals and district councils are to be kept in the dark about how to format true actionable organizing and even marketing strategies. That is and has been the sole providence of the senior leaders for decades. The Trades could teach hardcore market development, but they chose not to. What they teach is BS fluff and how to be victims! Reading the entire contents put the sleight of hand that the trades are winning in perspective. So, for example “that in 2015; and union market share reached 42% to 50% in the Heavy Civil/Industrial sector”. Well in 2017, it continues to fall. Hold that number up to residential, commercial, maintenance, sector leaders and the rest – and you’ll come to understand why the trades collectively hold approx. 10% total – “NET” market share and an even lower Density number as compared to 1990 when the Chart Book began!

While the troops fail in the trenches and chase their tails, the IP’s have made deals to service the big sectors – capitulating on wages, benefits & conditions for decades. We are, by design, a TEMP agency – by the design of our own IP’s – case closed!

So, read away. These are just SOME of the wonderfully formatted and researched work done that you may have no clue about! Here are just some of the sections to visit in The Construction Chart Book (6th edition). Forward, Detailed Contents: Industrial ClassificationMain FindingsIndustry Summary Payroll Establishments and Employees in Construction –  Nonemployer Establishments in Construction –  Construction Spending: Private and Public Sector –  Private Residential and Nonresidential Construction –  Demographics of Business Owners in Construction and All IndustriesCharacteristics of Construction Businesses –  Labor Force Structure and Definitions –  Worker Age in Construction and Other IndustriesAge of Construction Workers by Union Status, Hispanic Ethnicity, Type of Employment, and Occupation –  Foreign-born Workers in Construction and Other Industries –  Hispanic Workers in Construction and Other Industries –  Hispanic Workers in Construction OccupationRacial Minorities as a Worker Group in Construction and Other IndustriesWomen Workers in Construction and Other Industries –  Temporary Workers in Construction and Other IndustriesSelf-Employment in Construction and Other Industries –  Employment Costs in Construction and Other IndustriesWages in Construction, by Demographic Characteristics, Unionization, and Region

The above links are but a few of the total contents of The Construction Chart Book, 6th Edition.

“IF” the Rank & File Agents, Organizers and Market Development Officers had this level of information at their disposal and the training to put it all together – say like that provided by Labor Rising – the Trades can win! Understanding the information, were to get it, market analysis of SIC codes, reading credit reports, doing opposition research, blending in cyber organizing, having a relevant communications platform; and leveraging that into social media and as a sales engine to recruit and retain union contractors and the trades win going away!

It is NOT the guys and gals in the field who are failing! Because if that were the case, we would be capitulating to the belief that throughout the entire North American continent, across all trades and areas of the entire continent and for decades, we couldn’t and can’t win market share! It is NOT THE Organizers/Agents which have failed, but rather the massive failure of Value on Display as a strategy which has! But what we know to be true is that we don’t win because: 1) We have abandoned being a MOVEMENT; and 2) The senior leadership decided decades ago that they will decide the future of the trades! That future is as a BUSINESS ORGANIZATION – a temp agency – providing labor under terms and conditions entirely set by management.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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