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I want to Thank You for coming to Nova Scotia to put your Labor Rising “Organizing” Course on for the Nova Scotia Pipe Trades Association.

It saved us thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

An outstanding three day program combined with the presentation skills and experience to tie it all together into a workable strategy, we were all impressed.

I just read your “open posting to the Building Trades General Presidents”. Good idea, we need a renewed spirit in labor’s rank & file.

Everyone who draws a union pay cheque in the Building Trades should take the Courses you and your team offer.

To use your own terminology “most excellent” Brother Caliendo.

Ben Chisholm
Nova Scotia Pipe Trades

Thank you for your presentations and the variety of topics you covered at Labor Rising #228. The information you presented will help our organization move its communication strategy into the 21st century and pushes us to rethink the “Value On Display” organizing strategy that has been employed for some time.

As a new organizer I got a good idea of the contemporary organizing landscape. I would recommend your course to new organizers without hesitation.


Geoff Herrig, Business Representative
Pipefitters Local 208
Denver, Colorado

Thanks Danny, I really think this program could be the rebirth of the labor movement if all Unions use what they have been taught. I wish you well and hope to see you in the near future!

Wade Pilgreen-
Pipeliners Local 798
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Tulsa, OK

I want to thank the entire Labor Rising team for what they do and what they have done for me and my organization. The research done is fantastic and the training to do and utilize this research is cutting edge. I attended one of the skirmish classes in Chicago in February.

I enjoyed this class and learned so much that by April, Danny and the Labor Rising team had helped me set up and host a similar 3 day training for the entire Pittsburgh Building Trades Organizers and Organizer/Agents of multiple crafts. On behalf of the Steamfitters Local 449 and future members of this Organization, we thank you for sharing your knowledge.

For those who are thinking about attending these classes, stop thinking and do it. It’s worth it.

James C Kirsch
Steamfitters LU 449

Dan, your class has given our local some much needed tools to utilize in the construction market. Its obvious that you have had proven success as an organizer.

This class is a must if we choose to rise to the top increasing Union density. I plan to continue any classes that you have to offer in the future.

Your the real Deal brother!
Thank You!

John Hutter
IBEW Local 659

Thanks Brother Dan –

Jack and I enjoyed the content and the Union Brotherhood. Thanks to Business Manager Ken Broadbent and Brother Jim Kirsch for hosting the event. As usual, Steamfitters Local 449 was accommodating.

Danny, the insight that you brought with you is an eye opener for Labor. I highly recommend this training for Business Managers and Organizers, it is a valuable investment.

Keith Thurner
President/Asst. Business Manager
IUOE Local 95
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Brother Danny,

I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the last day of your class. Your experience and passion for helping the Union movement is second to none. My advice to my own organizing staff is that they also get on board with the classes you have to offer. I wish you the very best and I hope to see you again soon to improve my Unions status in all of the Western Pennsylvania areas that I cover.

Fraternally Yours,
Thomas S. Redman
Glaziers Local Union #751
Business Representative

Thank you for a great class! I really learned a lot of useful information! I look forward to implementing some of these tactics and turning them into success stories. Have a great weekend and keep in touch!

Michael J. Ford
Area Marketing Representative
Sheet Metal Workers Local #19

Thank you for a great 3 day class, unlike any other class I’ve attended. With Arizona being a “Right to Work” state, organizing is a very difficult task. I feel with the information you gave me I have a lot better chance for success. I don’t think any organizer should pass on the opportunity to attend one of your classes. I look forward to being able to attend the “Advanced” training in the future!

Thank you again,
Greg Suydam
SMWIA Local 359
Phoenix, AZ

I want to thank you for a great class. I think what you are doing is a great service to the labor movement. The class gave me some new insight to organizing. Hope to attend the next class.

In Solidarity,
Joe Harkins
UA Local 322
Winslow, NJ

Thanks Danny, I really think this program could be the rebirth of the labor movement if all Unions use what they have been taught. I wish you well and hope to see you in the near future!

Wade Pilgreen-
Pipeliners Local 798
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Tulsa, OK

I appreciate all of your work for the Labor Movement. The class was much needed. Many of the Organizers left with a new found motivation and focus as a result of your efforts.

Bert McDermitt, Jr.
State Organizing Coordinator

If you are seriously interested in taking back your market share, Labor Rising is a MUST!  The three day Foundations class provides the essential knowledge for new organizers and seasoned professionals in doing their jobs more effectively with quicker results.  The class teaches you how to utilize the tools and techniques in the competitive business world to get the attention of the non-union contractors…FAST!  Labor Rising will steer you in the right direction to get you refocused and fired up about organizing.  Read More…
In Solidarity,
Tom Szymanski
Labor Representative/Organizer
IBEW Local 725

I would recommend this training for anyone in the Building Trades interested in recapturing their market share. With proven results and tested tactics, Labor Rising is the answer to many of the attacks that union construction has been experiencing. Focusing in on our enemies in a way they don’t expect, is exactly what we’ve needed in our playbooks, and is what Labor Rising delivers. We will be attending the Advanced training real soon, and I urge anyone involved with the Union construction labor movement to do the same!

Dan Shirey
Business Manager
IBEW Local 575

The best Organizing training in the Country! This was the best class I have attended by far. Danny is very informative and his tactics/strategy works. If u are sick of losing go to Chicago and learn a better way.

Rodney Huff
IBEW Local 480

We want to Thank You for giving the class to us. It was a great experience for us to participate in. We have taken some new perspectives to bring to the table to be effective Organizers in our area. We will recommend your class to other locals to participate in as well.


Todd Gardner
Business Representative
IBEW Local 369

Being a brand new organizer and being in the field for 30 years, I never had to rely on social media as a tool. After Labor Rising class, I understand that it is a very valuable asset to the organizing effort.  Mr. Caliendo done a great job of getting the message across that social media is an excellent way to gain access to information for tracking the activities of contractors in your area so you know who to target and who not to. I thought it was an excellent class. Thank you Brother Danny.

Jeff Ballew
Organizer Organizer
IBEW Local 257

Labor Rising should be the new template to set up your organizing department! It addresses the shortfalls of the past and provides innovative solutions for the future. Excellent guidance for the everyday union organizer trying to advance the labor movement in 2013 and beyond. Invigorate your passion with this no holds bar approach!

Travis Martzahl
IUOE 139 Wisconsin
Business agent / Organizer

The Tri-Counties Building and Construction Trades Council would like to thank you for the Labor Rising class you presented on April 1-3, 2013.The class was well attended by members of this council, all were impressed with the materials, information, speakers and your professional presentation.You gave each one of the attendees a new look at organizing and provided them with the tools to succeed. Your class put the fire back in the bellies of the Organizers, Business Agents and Business Managers of the Tri-Counties Building and Construction Trades Council Read More…

Steven M. Weiner
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Tri-Counties Building Trades Council

On behalf of the Utah Building & Construction Trades Council and its affiliates, we want to thank you and your instructors for Labor Rising Seminar you gave to our delegates.

Your Labor Rising training is exceptional; you present very strong ideas and information and how to implement them.

I would highly recommend your classes to all Building Trades Organizations with full confidence that your Labor Rising training is the best there is to offer.

In Solidarity,

Michael L. McDonald
Utah Building & Construction Trades Council

“This is state of the art Organizing concept.”

Paul Canning
Director of Organizing
District Council 35 IUPAT, Boston and New England States

I highly recommend Labor Rising to all Union organizers. I brought a new-found knowledge back to my area which I hope to incorporate soon into my organizing efforts.

David Shaffer
IBEW Local 129

Thanks Dan! The last three days has been the best class I’ve attended in trying to recapture union market share.

Rod Cobos
Business Manager
UA Local 484

“The Labor Rising class is the future of successful organizing. Danny and Labor Rising have it down.”

Martin Rodriguez
Business Agent/Organizer
Ironworkers Local 433

I have had the opportunity to attend Labor Rising, and would recommend this class to any Organizer or Building Trades organization that wants to expand their market share. New ideas and approaches that can make a difference. Danny and his team do a tremendous job………… Thanks Danny and good luck in your journeys….!!

Robert K Romero
Marketing Representative
SMW Local 312

Thank you Brother Caliendo for a great class! Danny blends tried and true techniques with the latest technology to help unions understand and then recapture their market!

John R Kahrhoff
Business Representative
IBEW Local 1, St. Louis MO

I for one would like to give a GREAT recommendation to any organizer that is looking for new ways to combat the anti-union & non-union problems facing us, Danny and his crew do an Awesome job of teaching & hands on workshops. I am re-energized and excited to have new tools in my tool bag sharp & ready to go. Thank you Danny!!! From the Utah Building Trades & BAC Local 1 Utah 4 Corners ADC

Richard Carr
BAC Local 1

My name is Phil Bourgeois, I am a UA Brother from Western Canada. I recently attended Danny’s Foundations organizing class. This class gave me new tools to add to the ‘toolbox’ when it comes to organizing. As well as how to win in the boardroom when facing your opponent. This class gives you real factual information of what you’re going to expect out there, and how to handle it. Danny brings veteran experience to the classroom, and a true passion for the building trades. I recommend other UA locals in Canada to enlist in Danny’s program.

Phil Bourgeois
UA Local 496
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you Danny Caliendo for inviting me to Labor Rising. It was informative with lots of useful information to regain market share. Unions need to look outside of the box and look at themselves in this environment and this course adds more tools to the tool box.

Mark Richeson
Ironworkers Local 498

“Labor Rising” will raise some eyebrows. Although not perfect, it has some valuable insights and techniques that can help organize or at least pool important information on the Contractors in your regions, giving the organizes another tool. Whether you agree with the program, it is still worth attending one of the seminars. It will take thinking outside the norm to make changes. This may just be a little ahead of its time.

Keep plugin’ away,

Kevin C. Cote’
Business Manager
Utah Plasterers & Cement Masons
Local # 568

I recently attended the Foundations class at Labor Rising. The class was full of information and tactics to use in our battle.

As a new organizer, Danny spent time with me every night after class to make sure I had a good grasp of what was going on. I can’t wait to get back and put what I’ve learned into practice.

I would definitely recommend this class to any and all organizers and agents who want to take the battle against the non-union into their own hands instead of letting them take it to us. Thanks Danny, I can’t wait to come back for the Advanced class!

Barry Davies
Ironworkers Local 512

Thanks Danny really enjoyed & learned a lot @LaborRising. I highly recommend the class.

BC Smith
Business Manager/FST
OPCMIA Local 478

“I would highly recommend “Labor Rising” to any new or experienced Organizers in the unionized construction industry. The research methods and techniques taught by Mr. Caliendo and his group are indispensable in today’s environment. Gone are the days of traditional force on force methods such as “turn or burn” or “card check recognition”. In today’s market, we must use a more asymmetrical and research based approach to help make our contractors more competitive and marketable by using some or all of the techniques and methods taught by Mr. Caliendo and his group.”

Darrin Golden
Business Manager and Financial Secretary
Local union #364, IBEW

Enjoyed a very good class this week in Chicago put on by Brother Danny Caliendo. I would recommend this class to any Labor organizer in the construction, manufacturing, or production industries, rookie or experienced. A very good opportunity to understand your market and its compression zone in a completely different and strategic way. Great class and great job Brother Caliendo.

Joe Thayer
President Lorain County Ohio AFL-CIO
Organizer – Sheet Metal Workers Local 33

It was great meeting you this week Danny Caliendo! Really enjoyed the class and look forward to implementing my new knowledge…. Thanks again!

Chris Hankins
IBEW Local 309

After recently attending the Labor Rising training I have started to implement some of the strategies taught in the class. Starting with sharp research and getting a better handle on my market, it was nice to find out there were something’s I was already doing. It was even better to find out the things I was not. I look forward to the “Advanced” training in the future! Thanks Danny for a great class and I hope all the organizations embrace this training.

Eric R. Jackson
Organizer/Membership Development
IBEW 531

Solid organizing class with veteran organizers working with us on our own markets. #TechCombat shows the power of the internet to get our contractors & unions more work! I recommend this class to serious organizers & agents.

John Wright
SMW Local 20

I recently attended the Labor Rising class taught by Danny Caliendo at IBEW Local 131 Union Hall and think the class is a great asset for rookie or veteran organizers. I highly recommend the class, Thanks Danny!!!

Mark Woodward
Business Agent/Organizer
Roofers Local 70

Thank you Brother Caliendo for sharing your experience and knowledge and of course your Passion for Organizing. Your classes were filled with all the up dated tools, terms and total Mind Set needed to Get The Job Done!!!! Your students are going back to work a lot better prepared and with your “Danny Speak” perspective of our strengths and weaknesses in the Labor movement they will know the Score and appreciate their important work. The computer tech was Excellent and Brent’s documented successful campaigns bring it all together!!! You can always learn as you go, or get serious and take the class. It’s worth the Money and the Friendships that Go With It!!!!

Paul Thompson
President/Business Agent
Ironworkers Local 63

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Labor Rising taught by Danny Caliendo, held at IBEW Local 131’s Union Hall. I found all portions of the class helpful, but I really enjoyed the tech combat segment I am already putting the new knowledge to work. Thanks Danny!

Joseph Michilizzi
Business Agent/Organizer
UA Local 333

Working on new organizing techniques @LaborRising class. Recommend this class for all organizers and Business Agents. It KICKS ASS

Gary Menzel
Business Manager
Roofers Local 11

As President of the Southwest Michigan Building Trades Council and Business Manager for Ironworkers Local 340, I would like to thank you for coming to Michigan to talk to our council about the Labor Rising and the tactics that can be implemented to take back our market share and effective tools to combat the non-union and better market our contractor base. I highly recommend bringing this to any council that wants to be proactive in organizing. The information is fresh, out of the box stuff that adds a lot of additional tools to the box, and bullets to the gun to win the war.

Hugh T. Coward
Southwest Michigan Building Trades

Danny, I enjoyed your class!  I am hoping it takes hold!  Good to see you and the boys today!  I like to think of the “Labor Movement” as moving!  If we are not moving we’re standing still!  That helps NO ONE!

Tim Pinner
Organizer/Marketing Rep
Heat & Frost Local 17

“We recently attended Labor Rising and wish to thank   Brother Caliendo for all of his advice and insight.  If you truly want   to regain market share and re-establish your presence as the dominant   player in your region, then Labor Rising™ is a must!  We are at war Brother’s and we need to take back what is rightfully ours.  Labor Rising™ will teach you how to do it!”

Shawn Robie
Shaun Enright
I.B.E.W. Local Union No. 8

I wanted to share with you my deepest appreciation for the opportunity to participate in your recent Labor Rising class in Toledo, OH. I fully endorse and recommend this class for anyone looking to add more tools to grow your union’s market share.

I found the information most beneficial in identifying those targets that need focused or strategic attention. This strategic effort is essential as our resources are limited. We need to develop strategic efforts utilizing your research methods to identify those that will enhance our market share.

Jamie Peppers
Business Representative

Thanks for all the good information I acquired while attending your Labor Rising class. I felt the instruction and exercises were well planned to give a student the abilities and confidence to use these new found skills effectively.

I will gladly bring the subject of Labor Rising training up at our next District Council meeting. Until next time, keep up the good fight.

Mike Kujawa
Business Manager
Roofers Local 134

I really enjoyed your class. I would recommend this class to anyone in the union labor force, not just managers & organizers. You presented the material in a simple format that is easy for everyone to understand. The tech part is so powerful. Anyone that would not take advantage of the material learned in this class is a fool. Thank you again for your time and all your efforts in union organizing.

Jarmie Hillard
Boilermakers Local 85
Training Center

I attended 2 1/2 days of @LaborRising in Chicago; it is a great training tool to help move organizing in to the 21 century. Every #union person needs to attend. Thanks again guys!

John J Higgins
International Field Rep

In Labor Rising class and it’s great! Learning so much…

Kareem D Grant
Laborers Local 500

…”It was refreshing to see that your class had a unique blend of high-tech and old school organizing techniques. I found each segment of the class interesting, engaging & thorough.

I enjoyed TechCombat and the chapter on how to develop compression charts. I was particularly impressed to learn how our Building Trades can act as a Construction Manager. Read More…

John Schalagheck
Executive Secretary
Northwestern Ohio Building Trades

“I had the opportunity to attend Danny Caliendo’s organizing class Foundations #200. The Labor Rising™ instructors have proven tactics, experience and great success in the field of organizing. Great class – highly recommend this class to all Union Brothers”

Dan Walker
Business Agent
Ironworkers Local 27

“I really enjoyed the Labor Rising sessions. The information you exposed me to will be very useful in the future. I really enjoyed listing to Brent; his background and the way that he conducted his organizing helps me understand what can be accomplished with a lot of out of the box thinking and hard work. I am looking forward to using the information I learned alot at Labor Rising and would highly recommend that any new organizer take your classes. Thank You Ron.”

Ron Talley
UA Local 533

“On behalf of the Northwest Indiana Building Trades, I wish to thank you for your time. The Labor Rising class was very useful for our organizers. Our guys learned several new tools and tactics from you and the other guest speakers. The information presented was accurate, concise and pertinent to battling the non-union element that seems to pervade at all levels of the industry. Sharing strategies with the other participants will be helpful as well. Read more…

Chris Hernandez
Northwestern Indiana Building & Construction Trades Council

Over the last 12 years, I have attended several different organizing classes. With the knowledge I have attained from bottom up and top down classes, @LaborRising is the class that brings it all together. #TechCombat has not only given the Electrical Workers Local 131 a solid direction for recapturing our market, but #TechCombat has shown a way for ALL of my members to assist in our efforts. I would highly suggest that anyone who has the opportunity to attend @LaborRising do so. I personally would not have an organizer in the field without having gone through this training.

Kraig R. Lee
Business Manager
IBEW 131