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Strategic Partnership of the ABC & Tradesman –

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) have signed a staffing agreement with Tradesman International. Tradesman has over 100 offices in the United States providing temporary construction workers and growing daily for $19.00 – $25.00 per hour. This includes their profit and is the total package.

Tradesman was born in the early 90s to supply workers to non-union companies based on the highly successful salting (field organizing) programs of the building trades. Tradesman’s business plan is to be the referral hall for the non-union construction industry. This agreement with the ABC is a clear sign that Tradesman is the equivalent of the quartz crystal in the watch industry. The Swiss watch company lost over 90% of there market share in less than 2 years because they did not recognize the severity of the challenge. The chance of this just going away is not going to happen. The exact opposite it much more likely – the continued demise of the unionized construction industry.

The Building Trades unions can no longer wait for someone to fix the challenges. Value on Display has not been the answer. We must band together as workers, all for one and one for all. We must take an active role in regaining our MONOPOLY of the very best Construction Workers in North America.  

This attack was on Labor Rising’s radar over two years ago and Labor Rising has been teaching union members on how to defend themselves against this major problem.  If you have not heard of Tradesman, now would be a good time to Google Tradesman International. Also Google Craigslist and go to skilled trades and chances are excellent that you will find Tradesman in your jurisdiction.

 Chris M. Hollfelder
Lead Instructor
Labor Rising


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