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Only The Building Trades Doesn’t Know it’s True Value –

When S&P and economic writers and analysts say that private sector union decline is killing the Middle Class and the American economy you know it’s time to abandon our wholesale collaboration with capital and get back to being a “labor movement”!

We as the Building Trades can compete along 2 lines:

Trying to compete on price and keep on conceding our wages, conditions and benefits – which has never, at any time in history worked. Our skills ARE not our primary value, or

Own the jobs and control the labor pool. Imposing our true and real value of a fair wage, benefits and conditions on the world of construction!

That has worked every time we have had the “leadership” capable of doing it!

We the workers own the jobs – not management!

The Cost of a Decline in Unions –…/nicholas-kristof-the-cost-of-a-…

S&P: Income Inequality Is Damaging the Economy

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