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Marty Walsh Leaves the Building Trades Better Than he Found it….

….consistent with the oath taken by all Building Trades members. He stabilized the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). He was a key player in the effort to secure $91 billion from taxpayers to shore up Taft-Hartley pensions. And, he advanced infrastructure in the U.S. Now Marty is off to the NHL and his successor has much to do to match this record.

On the other hand, the Sheeters’ General President is off to retirement soon and the Electricians have a recently retired GP. Both the retired and soon to be retired GP’s were less impressive in fulfilling their oath and improving their Internationals in TOTAL market share “NET” across all markets they serve in North America during their tenure.

By contrast, the Teamsters’ (part of the Building Trades) General President, directly elected by the membership representing approximately 1.3 million members, is locking it up with the non/anti-union. He was particularly and aggressively pro-union with Senate R’s at a recent hearing. Bear in mind he receives approximately $193,000 salary for his leadership of 1.3 million members. The other BT GP’s average approximately $450,000 salary, with some Internationals having as few as 30,000 or less members!

The Teamsters have more members than all the other building trades together and his salary is right around $193,000. How’s that for contrast?

To use the business unionism BS speak the GP’s want to use in transactional relationships with management alliances, their individual ROI to the membership and markets is bottom tier performance. They would be fired in every other field excepts ours. Also bear in mind that EACH of the 14 individual Internationals has an infrastructure that is approximately the same size as that of the Teamsters, which serves 1.3 million members.

The entire union labor “market” LOST members in 2022. The Building Trades are a drag on that number even with the Infrastructure legislation.

Before we can talk about the transactional relationship of our Internationals and how to take it back, let us look at the most recent LM-2’s of our respective Internationals and the extensive bloated staff and/or patronage of those who are paid to keep the membership IN LINE!

US Department of Labor Union Search Form Link –  

  • Click on the above link.
  • The Online Public Disclosure Room page will come up.
  • Scroll down to Union search link.
  • Click on it.
  • Put the File # of your international in that box (see list below).
  • Hit Submit.
  • Scroll down past the master index of unions – a short scroll.
  • The Union for which you input the file # will have the most recent year’s LM-2 and those of past years.
  • Some Internationals have the LM-2 for 2023, although most are for 2022.
  • Do your homework so we can have an intelligent discussion soon.
  • FYI – you may want to a wastepaper basket nearby.

International File #

  • UA File # 000111
  • IW File # 000052
  • IBEW File # 000116
  • OE File # 000159
  • Laborers File # 000131
  • Roofers File # 000135
  • OPCMIA File # 000132
  • BAC File # 000034
  • IUPAT File # 000035
  • Boilermakers File # 000074
  • Elevator File # 000197
  • Insulators File # 000090
  • Carpenters File # 000085
  • SMART File # 000073

NOTE: UTU merged with Sheet Metal Workers in 2014 – hence the name SMART & includes the UTU numbers on the LM-2.

If you want to get your local file number, try Googling it; however, you need the exact name of your local as it typically appears on a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement).

You’ll find much more info on your respective locals and Internationals as you work with this resource and get better maneuvering it. Or you can continue on FB and look at memes, or maybe a little of both!

Having done some homework perhaps now we can talk about our Internationals’ transactional nature, aka selling the membership for a price, and see if we want to become a MOVEMENT again.

“if you see a good fight- get in it”

Danny L Caliendo


Labor Rising

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