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Feel the Bern – Snapchat & Reddit – The Donald – Twitter vs. Labor’s Social Media Use –

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Social media – not a toy!

The respective political insurgents Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump’s masterful use of social media propels them to the top of the polls. They are also anti-establishment – and Building Trades leaders own the mantel of being establishment. The voters & members are in the mood for fighters & warriors and not more of the same tired BS!

Bernie Sanders hardly a household name 8 months ago, is now leading decisively in NH and is in a tie nationally. While Facebook has been a medium for him day in and day out, it has been his use of Snapchat & Reddit that is impressive.

Bernie also uses Twitter for information and relevance with 1,360,000 Followers.

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a photo-and video-messaging App started in 2011.

Snapchat is unique in that all photos and videos only last a brief amount of time before they disappear forever, making the app ephemeral in nature, though you can take a screenshot of snaps to save them in picture form. The Snapchat APPs are sending approx. 900 million snaps a day.

Snapchat is Bernie’s go 2 social media strategy for engaging 17 – 25-year-old voters. Well played! In the trades think apprenticeships, outreach, veterans and more?!?

However, Sander’s use of Reddit to both engage and mobilize voters is off the charts. What is Reddit? Reddit is a link sharing, discussion, and community building platform.

Posts are voted “up” and “down” by redditors. Posts that receive more “upvotes” rise to the top of the page and become more visible to other users. The up/down voting feature is what defines reddit and sets it apart from traditional forums.

An equally important component to the functionality of reddit is the system of “subreddits”. Subreddits are categories and every post is placed into a single subreddit. Redditors subscribe to subreddits that interest, allowing them to follow specific types of content more closely.

Labor with its existing membership would dominate these forums if the senior leadership would get off their collective butts and represents all workers, union or not! A MOVEMENT!

Understanding subreddits is key to successful messaging on reddit. Each subreddit is its own community with unique demographics and interests. While the general reddit audience might not care about your brand or movement, a specific subreddit could be filled with fans that want to hear from you.

The Donald meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump has big time name and instant recognition of the brand, puts Trumps use of social media in an entirely different situation. 6.07 Million Twitter Followers.

Twitter is used to very effective ends and when news people say “he sucks the air out of the room” is the go 2 social media strategy he uses to accomplish that end. Twitter increasingly LEADS the news and therefore becomes the news. Building a Twitter following is very doable.

Then there is our/my house of Labor –

Brother Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO President, @RichardTrumka – 30,200 Followers and started the account in 2011. Facebook has 166,016 Likes. Does Brother Trumka have the name recognition of Trump nationally, NO! However, Brother Trumka has 12 million members in the AFL-CIO and a structure tailor made to give him and the AFL-CIO a huge voice in worker’s issues of the day. He would own those issues with those numbers, if we used social media correctly – or at all! We still see call & write your legislator on union sites all the time – unbelievable in 2016! This is the poster child for passive and unstructured use of social media. With the AFL-CIO budget in the RED, link to search form – enter 000-106 for AFL-CIO LM-2 –  The AFL-CIO has only enough funds for lobbing and to build effective, aggressive and structured social media networks and to leverage the 12 million members into tens of millions; and define the message of workers’ rights! Thankfully within the CIO are affiliate unions on the move in developing social media. The AFL-CIO spends more time & money pushing union financial, insurance and H&W products than championing workers’ rights!

Brother Sean McGarvey – Building Trades President, @BldgTrdsUnions – 2,114 Twitter Followers and started the account in 2011. Facebook has 6,539 Likes. Brother McGarvey and the combined International Presidents have approx. 3 million members and could command the discussion related to construction and workers’ rights – however we are disappearing, and the main reason is we are increasingly irrelevant. The trades senior leadership uniformly moves at a snail’s pace in using International wide social media tools and tactics pass very passive use.

Hell Labor Rising @LaborRising has 1,111 Twitter Followers and started in 2011. Labor Rising Facebook has 7,382 Likes. Labor Rising is a single entity that has to stick build our Followers and Likes and we more than hold our own. Labor Rising pioneered the use of social media in cyber-organizing social media and also pioneered the use of social media in marketing our union contractors. Champion the use of Opposition websites. Underpinned developed uses of mass texting, mass emails, SMART phone APPs and websites for internal and external membership communications and social power.

Brothers Trumka & McGarvey need the will and structure to join the 21st century, and anyone, vendors especially, that say that it takes a lot of time and money – go F@#* yourself, because Sanders and Trump did it in 8 months and very cost effectively!

Harness the power of the combined membership and win – screw the fear of losing control and the internal politics and the BS legal excuses. You have an absolute duty to inform, educate and lead – which will lead to winning!

Either this, or the middle class will turn into the working poor on your/our watch!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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