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I want to Thank You for coming to Nova Scotia to put your Labor Rising “Organizing” Course on for the Nova Scotia Pipe Trades Association.

It saved us thousands of dollars in travel expenses.

An outstanding three day program combined with the presentation skills and experience to tie it all together into a workable strategy, we were all impressed.

I just read your “open posting to the Building Trades General Presidents”. Good idea, we need a renewed spirit in labor’s rank & file.

Everyone who draws a union pay cheque in the Building Trades should take the Courses you and your team offer.

To use your own terminology “most excellent” Brother Caliendo.

Ben Chisholm
Nova Scotia Pipe Trades



Thank you for your presentations and the variety of topics you covered at Labor Rising #228. The information you presented will help our organization move its communication strategy into the 21st century and pushes us to rethink the “Value On Display” organizing strategy that has been employed for some time.

As a new organizer I got a good idea of the contemporary organizing landscape. I would recommend your course to new organizers without hesitation.


Geoff Herrig, Business Representative
Pipefitters Local 208
Denver, Colorado


Thanks Danny, I really think this program could be the rebirth of the labor movement if all Unions use what they have been taught. I wish you well and hope to see you in the near future!

Wade Pilgreen-
Pipeliners Local 798
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Tulsa, OK


I want to thank the entire Labor Rising team for what they do and what they have done for me and my organization. The research done is fantastic and the training to do and utilize this research is cutting edge. I attended one of the skirmish classes in Chicago in February.

I enjoyed this class and learned so much that by April, Danny and the Labor Rising team had helped me set up and host a similar 3 day training for the entire Pittsburgh Building Trades Organizers and Organizer/Agents of multiple crafts. On behalf of the Steamfitters Local 449 and future members of this Organization, we thank you for sharing your knowledge.

For those who are thinking about attending these classes, stop thinking and do it. It’s worth it.

James C Kirsch
Steamfitters LU 449


Dan, your class has given our local some much needed tools to utilize in the construction market. Its obvious that you have had proven success as an organizer.

This class is a must if we choose to rise to the top increasing Union density. I plan to continue any classes that you have to offer in the future.

Your the real Deal brother!
Thank You!

John Hutter
IBEW Local 659


Thanks Brother Dan –

Jack and I enjoyed the content and the Union Brotherhood. Thanks to Business Manager Ken Broadbent and Brother Jim Kirsch for hosting the event. As usual, Steamfitters Local 449 was accommodating.

Danny, the insight that you brought with you is an eye opener for Labor. I highly recommend this training for Business Managers and Organizers, it is a valuable investment.

Keith Thurner
President/Asst. Business Manager
IUOE Local 95
Pittsburgh, PA

Thomas S. Redman

Dear Brother Danny,

I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the last day of your class. Your experience and passion for helping the Union movement is second to none. My advice to my own organizing staff is that they also get on board with the classes you have to offer. I wish you the very best and I hope to see you again soon to improve my Unions status in all of the Western Pennsylvania areas that I cover.

Fraternally Yours,
Thomas S. Redman
Glaziers Local Union #751
Business Representative

Michael J. Ford

Thank you for a great class! I really learned a lot of useful information! I look forward to implementing some of these tactics and turning them into success stories. Have a great weekend and keep in touch!

Michael J. Ford
Area Marketing Representative 
Sheet Metal Workers Local #19

Greg Suydam

Thank you for a great 3 day class, unlike any other class I’ve attended. With Arizona being a “Right to Work” state, organizing is a very difficult task. I feel with the information you gave me I have a lot better chance for success. I don’t think any organizer should pass on the opportunity to attend one of your classes. I look forward to being able to attend the “Advanced” training in the future!

Thank you again,
Greg Suydam 
SMWIA Local 359
Phoenix, AZ

Joe Harkins

I want to thank you for a great class. I think what you are doing is a great service to the labor movement. The class gave me some new insight to organizing. Hope to attend the next class.

In Solidarity,
Joe Harkins
UA Local 322
Winslow, NJ