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Business Roundtable and American Labor

The Business Roundtable and American Labor 2

The Business Roundtable and American Labor

A White Paper written by Brother JC Turner, Former General President, International Union of Operating Engineers, AFL-CIO 1979.

This “must read” document was written in 1979; and should be read by everyone from Building Trades President Sean McGarvey and the Building Trades General Presidents  down to the newest apprentice. There can no longer be any doubt that every action of the Business Roundtable (CURT) et al… is to destroy American Labor.

It is long past time for labor to be labor again and win – 21st Century style. Concerted activity of every legal means should again be the focus of the labor movement! Junk yard dogs (big business) aren’t giving anyone – anything. Workers of all types have to bring the pressure to bear and earn their right to get a fair piece of the pie called a CBA!

The continued notion that businesses of any size want to work with us, is not bore out in any number – net; anywhere for over 30 years!

Demanding – not begging for a CBA, and putting forth the effort necessary to achieve that is job one, organize! LaborCombat is the contemporary version of Brother Turners work!

”if you see a good fight – get in it”

In Solidarity,

Danny L Caliendo

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