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A Trump Presidency –


The pure anger of working people couldn’t be more clear. The day of academia and talking heads, all with position yielded last night.

If Trump carries off the freedoms of workers – it is totally on Labor!

A day of reckoning in confronting establishment politics! It will be calling on our International Presidents soon. Couldn’t be more establishment than them! They yield virtually zero power as administrators for a temporary agency  selling out workers for a price and position!

Establishment types distract the peon workers as they reap more and more for themselves and the “good ole boy” insiders.

They use convention entertainment and hyperbole of purpose, endless meetings at 5 star venues, promotions and rah rah speeches to distract the peons – while they rub shoulders with those that WILL do away with the trades while in their power suits!

Obama was supposed to be an agent of change and failed dramatically in bringing it about on behalf of the working class. This is mostly about working class people being traded away by the Belt Way at every turn. Warren/Sanders wing are believers with the convictions of their positions – and Hillary did all that was necessary to remove them. And then we support a person of little trust and integrity and wonder why she got beat – REALLY! It is not Wiki Leaks, Russians, racial divides that elected Trump. By and large, it is the workers that are tied of getting nothing and being played. Even urban areas wanted the status quo broken.

For the Building Trades, it is now crystal clear – be a labor MOVEMENT or this version of the trades will die & soon! A MOVEMENT is doing what is needed today to insure tomorrow is a better day for the middle class. The TRADES branding effectively died that night.

Trump being elected, along with R’s keeping both chambers and soon the Supreme Court means every type of Labor Law will die and/or rendered useless.

All our pensions are now in jeopardy because the R’s will not give legislative relief to the unions with pension under-funding.

Are our IP’s so inept as to accept an “olive branch” that will be extended soon in further Labor/Management collaboration? We are now the entity to drain and recruit skills and people for profits as the infrastructure of America begins to be rebuild. There are far more UNION trades-persons working non-union then union.

Change is going to be painful for the trades who only know cooperation and talking!

Our FOUNDERS knew how to handle this and now we must learn or we die. Organized Labor is the counter-balance to organized capital. For 30 plus years we in the trades with inferior leadership set us up to lose. No more whining – we are in a dessert and how we got here is of little relevance!

Time to jettison all the dead weight and yes persons my Brother IP’s – because either you move or a new wave of trade unionism will run right over you! Your small fish now in a tiny sea!

This is what 21st Century Organizing looks like: Taking on owners, developers, construction managers and their business model. Organizing companies and contractors regardless if they want to be organized or NOT! AND giving anti-union contractors there wish in that they would rather go out of business than sign a CBA!

Labor Rising has 3 distinctive strategies (not tools), which are unique to our programs!

This is the outline for Foundations training.

Labor Rising:

Strategic Organizing:

  • Organizing along the lines of credit, clients and social footprint as primary strategies
  • Removing Recognition and Secondary Activity as legal constraints with end-users, developers, construction managers & general contractors
  • Power mapping template for participants to leverage critical research of contractors (both union & open shop) in developing their own market in real time
  • Display of all contractors organized geographically and by revenue
  • Establishing Compression Zone(s) in your union’s own market to identify specific non-union contractors to pro-actively organize
  • Credit reports, how to read and use them – the varying types
  • Consolidation of construction companies and what that means to organizing and market development
  • Contraction of construction companies due to advances in construction delivery and modularization and what that means to organizing and market development
  • Roll-ups taking place in construction by regional and national players
  • Clearly identifying areas where unions can increase market share and learning the specifics of how to do so
  • Re-establishing the perception that unions can win
  • De-emphasizing the role of the NLRB in organizing – no “turn & burn” as a strategy!
  • Section 7 & 8 in one hour, all you need to know to effectively organize
  • Credibility determinations & controlling the message
  • Pension withdrawal liability issues of the building trades and what it means to organizing
  • Cyber-organizing – bottom up and worker outreach and recruitment in the 21st Century
  • Picking our targets asymmetrically and with purpose
  • Controlling the non/anti-unions hiring in your union market
  • 21st Century development of residential and service markets, Google, Angie’s List, etc..
  • Not a re-tread program of existing organizing programs; we view top-down, Breslin, bottom-up & pressure campaigns as tools, not strategies

Contractor Marketing Program:   

  • Clearly identifying passive use vs. aggressive use of internet
  • Unions and their dominant core competency which is lying dormant
  • Unions as sales engines vs the current value models – completely different way to get work for union contractors
  • Our own unions’ social footprint, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, U Tube etc… taking our use of social signals from “passive to very aggressive” to increase market share
  • Difference between web designer/developer and internet marketer
  • Clear understanding of relevance and authority in the world of SEO
  • Blogging
  • Clear understanding of what the end-users of unions are not saying and why
  • Apprenticeship becoming irrelevant on career/ job searches on internet and how to change that

Opposition Research:

  • Primer on opposition research, both public and private
  • Using information strategically and the ability to advance that thru social media
  • Taking anti-union bad practices and putting it in high visibility areas on the internet
  • 2 ½ hours of a 5-part video training series on Opposition Research

Leading Labor Communications Platform:

  • Internal union communications thru mass texting, mass email and smart phone
  • Apps in the 21st Century
  • Websites in Content Management and the continued lack of well-structured web assets
  • Structured use of social media to leverage our membership on political issues
  • Re-shaping business markets with aggressive and structured social media
  • Defining political issues and worker’s issues with social media – the power of an interconnected membership

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo

Labor Rising/Labor Combat


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