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743 Likes/Positive Comments on Using Communication Platforms – 37 Comments Super Pro Gun – 22 Comments on David Hogg and Young Activists –

The Labor Rising post/blog on Monday drew comments that spanned the spectrum of perceptions of the readers. Most of the comments were from the FB Forums we post in.

Here is a link to that Blog:  The Entire Building Trades vs. Young Activists Moving an Issue:!AmKOi71GyLcgxx0aJU0XHsmKORKX

As of today, 743 comments were either Likes and/or comments that understood the overall point of the need by our Internationals to connect with their memberships.

Was it a “stretch” to use the young activist and the gun control debate? I gave it a lot of consideration. However, both are current, and the underlying use of social media makes the point of the power of social media and communication platforms.

One discussion was with some of the activists from the #CountMeIn Movement in NYC – by far and away the most progressive, in the streets activism by Rank & File in decades. BTW, most are fairly young activists. Some were upset with the Blog, but most understood the underlying point of the Blog! I love the passion and the work done to respond! I would love for those activists to understand my intent to a higher degree:

  • Opposition research – not the light weight stuff our Internationals do
  • Market analysis – SIC/NAICS codes and formatting who is who
  • Understanding and getting credit reports
  • Communications platforms – aggressive and structured to take on big construction players
  • Cyber-organizing of working with non-union workers
  • The cost (which is low) of the above
  • “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.” ― Albert Einstein #CountMeIn must be true to its own passion and commitment. Not easy with senior BT officers and International officers forming the culture that was key in creating the issues #CountMeIn is trying to change. You will know your level of effectiveness when those officers use the pressure you are creating on their own behalf. Some officers will take credit for it, while most know it has been organic and R&F driven. The goal should be a CBA on jobs – not PLAs and huge amounts of Legal Labor unrest to secure more market share!

Of the 743 Likes/Comments this was the underlying theme and is a direct post that represented hundreds of posts. It was by Brother BB: “One of the big things holding back young member activists is policy. The building trades, the International and locals don’t just avoid technology they actively fight it. I’ve seen locals try to censor what can and can’t be said on social media. To the extent of asking group administration to help by deleting posts and discussions on certain topics. I’ve also seen official pages delete comments that even try to clarify things.”

So by example, consider the IBEW Hour Power You Tube – 3,212 subscribers:

The IBEW in North America has 671,076 total members per 2017 LM-2 File# 000-116.

So, with an owned short code – the IBEW, and BTW –  all Internationals can have a very powerful and INEXPENSIVE mass texting platform! WHY? Click on the link above and look at the views of some of the best videos available on what members do – in this case IBEW members. It is about what the International President is trying to convey to membership. It is about what contractors do! AND MORE! Most IBEW videos have a few hundred to a few thousand views. How about some 670,000 views of members, PLUS those members’ spheres of influence. They would move an issue, and/or enhance the reputation of the trade. We can define who we are, and NOT let the anti-union OWN that messaging almost literally with one click to generate a mass text – every member can have the message in their hands. With the proper advanced education as to what is in it for members, the MEMBERS would soon understand that the POWER to advance themselves, and their jobs, is literally in their own hands.

A mass text, and NOT a group text platform, is so powerful and widely available to do almost anything that is needed. AND, no political BS is attached. The Internationals can get feedback, but, it would be structured in a poll and/or questionnaire. It can be dialed in to area codes, zips, congressional districts, etc. Precise lists targeting who we want to talk too. No spam! Hopefully you get the picture. It can be a forceful addition to our political power and be a force multiplier. It can demonstrate the trades’ career opportunities! It can advance good contractors and be a “sales engine” to recruit service and maintenance contractors. This is huge! Our members advancing our work/paycheck, and those contractors to the head of many search results lists.

A complete communications platform using an APP and mass email can do everything needed. So WHY isn’t it currently? Because it invites activism and breaks the culture we find ourselves in now. It would be the start of a MOVEMENT of information, transparency and getting back in the trenches and out of the never-ending meetings! ACTIVISM on steroids!!

37 Comments Super Pro Gun – Why super pro-gun? Because their comments shut out the point trying to be made. As in the picture above, they saw 3 spaces – period! Hey, I’m an Army vet with 2 Marine sons, 1 Air Force son & daughter-in-law and a Chicago cop son-in-law. And hey, I’m with the 90% plus, including NRA members, that want the irresponsible sale of guns via gun shows/internet closed. Solid no-nonsense background checks. A hard discussion on assault weapons. I will keep my guns – but give way to responsible checks and ownership. I’m all for the 2nd Amendment. 90% plus of us can figure this out. However, a handful of players derail it. And spare me and the 90% plus of the weak talking points.

22 Comments on David Hogg and Young Activists – About ½ think he and the others are pawns of the hard left. Maybe – we’ll find out soon. However, there are these tools called analytics in technology. They can literally track how “organic” or not the flow of social signals is. All Tweets and Facebook clicks can be measured from inception to where and when they end. So, any intermediaries can be tracked, like bots and influencers. The credible tracking engines show this MOVEMENT to be organic.

Also, about ½ think Hogg and his peers are too young to have a say. So were some of the soldiers fighting U.S. wars. In both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, the average age of soldiers is thought to be 17; WW I & WW II approximately 26 – and only because everyone got drafted. Vietnam’s average age is from 19 to 22. Apprentices for a long time were in their teens. Our Founding Fathers & Mothers of the AFL/Building Trades had a solid group of young leaders/activist underpinning the MOVEMENT!

Young people are the future and they get to have a say in that future. And this group seems very motivated to be activists for change in many arenas. I don’t see them being thrilled about joining a trades union, tied at the hip to business!

In the general category, several commented that you/I can’t paint all senior leadership with a single brush. When the bad numbers are so prolific and across the entire trades for decades, that spells a BAD CULTURE all around. We are all complicit – me, the reader, and all leaders. As Peter Drucker once quoted, “Culture eats strategy for lunch!” Of course there are some solid leaders; however, they are still good leaders in a failed culture! Painting a broad brush fits when a Culture must be changed. And NO strategy will be effective until it is.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Combat/Labor Rising

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