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Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Building Trades – labor college

The links for these documents are looking for pro-active “activist” and “leaders” in the building trades ranks! Politicians and managers content with the status quo need not apply. I continuously see articles and FB postings telling America what labor has done to improve the middle class. However all of those hard fought victories are now on average 60 years old. The more contemporary version of labor these past few decades has done little to advance labor interests & rights.                                                                          labor college

If we continue to re-act to labor issues with FB posting, shame banners and begging for legislative action then the list of 24 RTW states is sure to grow. The status quo of waiting and letting others dictate the current and future course of labor is now in “our hands”. Will we be remembered as the generation that did not advance labors interest, and the generation of excuses of why we couldn’t do it?                                                     labor college

This document in the hands of pro-active leaders will change both the status quo in construction as well as announce to the construction community that if someone’s going down – “then the workers & our contractors are not the ones going down”. We have allowed ourselves to get beat up for the past few decades and have not done our part to advance labor – these documents which are legal and have been used, will change that.  This document is waiting on “leaders” to move it to the top of the agenda for consideration, and with the urgency to get to a decision in months – not quarters & years!

Combat Construction Documents:

Danny L Caliendo

Labor Combat Organizing College                                                                                                                            labor college


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