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Laborcombat ( labor college)

Strategy formation (Classical school)

The Classical School of strategic management is the most taught and deployed approach, of which most textbooks on the subject convey. The essential points of the approach are “where are we now?”, “where do we want to be?” and “how do we get there?” It thus comprises an environmental analysis, a choice of available options, and determining a path for action and implementation.

Using the classical strategy formation “bottom-up organizing” would not be deemed a strategy since it has not raised Building Trades market share. The numbers are clear using any measure that bottom-up is a valuable tool; however it is not a strategy.

Also using the same matrix, marketing/value added and “top-down” organizing, have failed to increase market share as an adopted strategy. Also, using any complete review of absolute total market share numbers, those numbers clearly demonstrates that marketing/top-down is a tool, not a strategy.

Any and all existing strategies which are currently in use are not raising market share either individually, or in any combination.

Laborcombat (labor college) is a viable strategy whose time has come for implementation. It is much more than the old tool of “burn & churn”. Laborcombat (labor college) leverages our union contractors and select non-union contractors, willing to sign a CBA (winners) vs. anti-union contractors (losers). The strategy legally targets anti-unions clients, credit and image. It sends a powerful message to the end user of anti-union services. Laborcombat (labor college) minimizes NLRB involvement and is built to exploit weaknesses’ of the delivery of anti-union services. Laborcombat (labor college) strategy can and does engage multiple anti-union targets at a time, in all market environments. 

Laborcombat (labor college) also taps current and future technology to advance both our respective unions and our signatory contractors. We can no longer afford passive use of existing technology, the sheer power and optimization of these tools is well within our reach and at our disposal.

Laborcombats (labor college) next blog will deal with the power of our membership in a completely new way to advance our collective interests.

”if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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