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Organizing Rights vs Reality Labor College

35 Things your employer can not do! These are the supposed rights that the unorganized have in the workplace.

These lists of Rights, along with other variations are on approximately 60% of the approximately 1390 websites I have visited so far.                              Labor College

@LaborCombat has interviewed over 237 former open shop employees and in addition spoken directly with the 67 class participants which have taken @LaborCombat & #TechCombat courses to date.                                                               Labor College

The overwhelming consensus – 88% of those spoken with, feel that telling the workers in construction that they have all these rights; just doesn’t match their reality on the job.

The non/anti-union workers live in absolute fear of their jobs. They know/feel that if their is any talk of a union either on the job or off, they will be fired!

The NLRB reports that unless there is substantial proof, backed up with first hand evidence, and testified about directly by the employees at the Labor Board; their will be no winning case against the employer. “Salts & Peppers” when properly trained can bring cases which have a decent chance of winning. However, the average open shop employee has few rights in the work place, educated or not.                                                          Labor College

The consensus of those interviewed say why tell someone they have “rights” when in the real world they know they do not! It hurts our credibility and ability to get the open shop employees talking to us!

IBEW Local 363 and many other locals address the 35 Rights in a straight forward, real world manner which speaks directly to the “open shop” employees.

These Are Some “Rights” The Majority Of Unorganized Workers Believe They Have – The Solution? Call In IBEW Local 363 And Get A Written Contract!

Please see their website. Google IBEW Local 363

Organizing in this current environment is difficult, but far from impossible. However, telling workers we have yet to represent that they have all these rights, when many have seen firsthand, they do not; will hinder our ability to control the organizing message and organize the unorganized.

”if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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