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Brothers & Sisters, particularly during the last 2 decades, numerous speeches, discussions and initiatives have been launched addressing what a contractor wants.  The answer has been in various forms but reflects similar themes:  attitude, training, committed and sober workers, safety, etc.  Not once has Labor Combat ever seen labor peace mentioned as what a contractor wants.  This is interesting because the vehicle we use today to address aligning the contractors’ wants with their labor force is aCBA, which was exclusively developed as an instrument to provide labor peace. 

Most if not all, current contracts and International agreements contain specific language related to work stoppages/slowdowns, strikes, etc., being precluded from taking place on their respective jobs.  Any other mention of value added items, i.e., training, safety, committed and sober workers, etc., are subsets of the primary contract.  The primaryCBAtrades labor peace for union jobs for a specific time.  Considering all the give backs, and recognizing poor past practices; the contractors have clearly gotten the better deal by any measure with regard to theCBA.                                                                                                           Labor College

Labor is essentially impotent to press for any improvements because of its overall poor market share.  A CBAis much more about labor peace on a job and only exists by and large, because of our forefathers’ legacy to advance labor rights, which in today’s business culture is not even acknowledged.

A corporate charter is a mindless piece of paper, who’s only mission is profit. Government and shareholder activism have not been able to slow the corporations drive to always maximize profits. A corporation has no loyalties or honor. Organized labor and only organized labor can impact a corporation’s pure pursuit of profits.

Building Trades Leadership is the voice of those without power, facing down those with power!

We collectively have in good faith tried to work with the corporations, however in every area one can objectively measure, the current strategies of co-operation/value added have lost membership, wages, benefits, working conditions and power; for Building Trades members.                                                                                                        Labor College

In America one always has to fight for a fair wage, benefits & respect from corporations.

It appears we in labor have to continually re-learn this. It’s a CBA or the “streets” Brothers & Sisters.


Danny L Caliendo

Senior Organizer/Founder

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