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LaborCombat/TechCombat Cage Match – Labor College

LaborCombat™/TechCombat™ is the strategy taught at this labor college.  It’s a strategy to fight for what is ours – our jobs!  

Strategy is all about gaining (or being prepared to gain) a position of advantage over adversaries or best exploiting emerging possibilities.  As there is always an element of uncertainty about future, strategy is more about a set of options (“strategic choices”) then a fixed plan.

Raising market share/density is now the only mission which lies before us.  Even politics will be a moot point without money and voting membership.

If any strategy and/or any combinations of strategies and tools currently worked – we would know it by now.  Strip away all the rhetoric, spinning of facts and BS, and the numbers speak for themselves.  Market share continues to drop across the board.

There is no fault or blame.  Many hard working Brothers & Sisters have worked in good faith to find a solution to a very difficult issue.

At this labor college we teach LaborCombat™, which is a strategy that reflects what has been learned from our dwindling market share numbers.  At this labor college we’ve looked critically, not politically, at what some organizers who have success, do! LaborCombat™ has researched the numbers, and only the numbers, to distill what works; and what doesn’t, and most importantly – why!

LaborCombat™ is a multi-faceted aggressive attack on our anti/non-union adversary with the intent to win and regain market share.  It is a highly developed knowledge of the clients, credit and image of our anti/non-union subcontractors, general contractors, construction managers and end users.  Brothers & Sisters get this right, there are going to be winners and losers in this fight. The next 15 years is going to be a MMA fight, if we chose to get in the ring! If we continue to use passive organizing tactics, our fate and that of all workers, will be sealed for decades to come – case closed!

LaborCombat™ is not regurgitated BS.  It is a standalone strategy that together with the TechCombat™ component, will regain market share in a compressed time frame.

The diagrams and charts presented are to illustrate an entirely new dynamic, solving an old problem – raising market share.403509_433019500056522_287357984_n


Brothers & Sisters, as you look at the charts/diagrams ask yourself where in any organizing program, have you seen these terms and concepts?

LaborCombat™/TechCombat™ mission is to train an army of organizers to take back what is our heritage – our jobs, fair benefits, safe working conditions and respect. We built this country!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”



Danny L Caliendo

Senior Organizer/Founder

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