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The 1,000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle of SIC/NAICS Codes – Part 4 –

The cartoon shows the 2 pieces of Value on Display – the rest of the pieces are the market and what is NOT taught completely and by design to give an organizer or even a market rep the ability to win. Many of those pieces on the table would be the pinch point of the market.

Links to Organizing – Parts 1, 2 & 3 are at the end of this blog.

Standard Industrial Classifications developed in 1937 and the North American Industrial Classification System developed as part of the NAFTA deal to eventually replace SIC codes. It is a big deal!

SIC/NAICS table link – these tables listed side by side are next to never found on any search engine.!AmKOi71GyLcgqzcIBPFf3RBJ1SJ8?e=7MtngK

Without knowing what SIC/NAICS codes mean to effective organizing and market development, and how to use them, the Building Trades are going nowhere.

Just like a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, putting the market together requires hard work, skill and patience. It will strip away all BS and opinions. It will lay bare the market, players and relationships. It is WHY you as organizers, and especially market development reps (MRs), are not properly trained to do this.

Let’s say, as the senior leaders do, that the Value on Display concept of professionally trained tradespersons is how to advance market share. THEN WHY AREN’T those MRs trained to know who to talk to and who to avoid? Who to qualify? Ownership? History? And much more – objectively.

You, as MRs, have been systematically turned into recruiters by design. You may be running all over the place with tools like blitzes thinking you are organizers. But at the end of the day you are bringing in bodies and NOT the non-union contractor on a CBA – you are a recruiter. If you as organizers/MRs have the skills to build the 1,000-piece puzzle, you will run smack dab into the pinch point of labor/management relationships and the disaster of capitulations and the race to the bottom as it has become. And you will know what the 82 organizers/MRs who have built their respective markets know: we haven’t been a labor MOVEMENT now for decades. It is why we at Labor Rising, and many others, refer to the senior leaders as running a business union – which by our definition is a temp agency.  

Attached are some very basic SIC code primer You Tube videos out of thousands:

Understand the key points made in this video – then put construction in the equation:

SIC example – 4digit and 6 digits:

Every sector of business and government uses these, including the winning unions such as SEIU, Nurses, Teachers, Flight Attendants, all of which are run by women presidents who train with and provide the modern tools to format organizing drives. Yes, ORGANIZING drives – they are back in the streets with a plan and not a blow-up rat!

Go through the You Tubes for approximately 20/30 hours and see how and why a SIC code is used, and a market is formatted. Ask yourself why tools like Excel and other technology aids aren’t mandatory training. Why aren’t SIC/NAICS codes used to thoroughly vet the markets and the players that make up those markets. Why aren’t we trained to understand credit reports and the use of opposition research?

The “good ole boys” have been compromised as LABOR LEADERS for a least a generation and all have to protect those past poor decisions of their predecessors and the fleas that have accumulated from sleeping with dogs.

Almost none of the right-thinking organizers, MRs, agents and R&F could care less how many fleas have accumulated on the senior leaders over the past few decades. They want the IPs to “MAN” up and MOVE! Get over themselves and become the leaders of workers, union or not. Be the junk yard dogs so they can take on the corporate junk yard dogs like our Founders did! Quit being victims! Yet again, at recent international conventions, delegates are falling all over themselves in praise of the great leadership provided. What kind of leader accepts that praise knowing the facts of getting their/our butts beat? We are and have been losing for decades – deal with it and move in a new direction – that’s leadership!

In the next blog we will dissect an Excel spreadsheet and see what it can tell us about contractors, those they deal with, the markets they exist in and far more.

Politicians with no solutions revert to age old name-calling – declaring Labor Rising as the so-called “building trades basher.” Yet every single number in our 205 blogs over the years has gone unchallenged because ALL the numbers come from the trades’ own filings and accounting in context – ALL!

                                  “if you see a good fight – get in it”

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