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Labor Combat/Labor Rising Numbers Since Inception on 5/6/2012 –


  • 874 Building Trades participants – since inception of Labor Rising/Labor Combat on 5/6/2012
  • 376 total unions, which includes state and local building trades, district councils, and local unions hosting training – with approx. 91 unions using some aspects of the strategies; and 67 unions using the integrated strategies learned day in and day out.
  • We do not disclose attendance in Advanced Program at the Labor Rising Level & the Black Ops Program at the Labor Combat Level.
  • Composite rating of 3.71 out of 4 – 5 poor reviews to date
  • 27 International reps have been in attendance and all but 1, has reviewed Labor Rising favorably
  • Scores of recommendations posted on website @
  • 7946 Likes on Labor Rising Facebook page @
  • Structured Contractor Marketing Programs underway; unions as “Sales Engines” – with many in development stage – this HAS TO BE TAUGHT BEFORE a union, district council brings in a consultant to teach members in how to be contractors. The failure rate of that training is exceptionally high and this is the reason. There isn’t structure of precisely why and how many new contractors are needed past – take this training and fill this market need!
  • Leading Labor’s influence, structure, transparency and education has altered 5 existing vendors pricing and product developments these past few years. Translation these 5 tech companies do more than 50% of all websites and other technology for BT unions; and have make a bundle of money with worse in class use of technology. We are seeing some very good independent tech companies coming into the market along with Leading Labor and help to start filling in this gap. We in the trades are still at the bottom of the barrel in using 21st century forms of technology. We see daily how proud locals are that their members are stuffing envelopes to MAIL in 2016! This list of examples is very long and is why the trades are irrelevant in the world of today.
  • Rochester Research Associates has provided the only independent research operations to the BT unions for base research to opposition research and many other digging the dirt research capabilities.
  • Brother Chris Hollfelder has worked with numerous locals to bring many up to speed on hiring and controlling hiring within the parameters of current law. No one Organizer in all of labor has his credentials.

Some comments based on numbers this past 4 years –

  • Value on Display is a failed strategy in every number measured over time, either short term or long.
  • A conclusion has to be reached that 1 of 3 things are happening with Value on Display being such a failure:
  • The senior leadership has an entirely different agenda of what they feel the trades are about. And that vision or lack thereof – is the trades are recruitment and training entity to staff jobs, and the IP’s are trying in vain to build BRAND awareness!
  • Arrogance of a type that alters the reality of the numbers and in spite of them – still claim the trades are prospering.
  • A complete selling out of the trades and its membership to big business and protecting an inner circle of core leaders at the expense of the future of the trades as a viable MOVEMENT.

Labor Combat/Labor Rising has financed training of Organizers entirely on the fees charged and our own personal assets. Any time anyone wants to see the books – come look.

The overwhelming majority of those training in our programs generally go back to I/O’s that say do it this way or you’re gone. Scores has been fired/let go because these organizers/market reps are not built to continually lose using the existing BS status quo of market development.

For those that have read this to this point – you as leaders are confronted with this prospect. Continue to be very busy doing what you can to secure what jobs you can, under whatever terms are offered – which on every trend line is a continuing decline in “NET” market share. OR…

Break the GOOD OLE BOY network of stale, pale and male leadership, that by the way has never worked except for those inside – and consider training with us and/or train the trainer in how to win!!

Leaders will find the time to put this program in front of organizers and market reps so these men and women have a very good chance of winning again!

Here’s the rub leaders – you are then marked as you know as “not on the team” – so are you a leader or part of the continuing losing team.

As for Labor Rising – numbers of “COMPRESSION ZONE(S) are the only thing that matters, creating winners, and enough of them to raise market share – in lieu of that – the next stop is being part of a reform movement to go around the dinosaurs of today; and there is a lot of interest and ability to do that in the 21st century.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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