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Twitter Overview Video – Social Media 101 –

101 from the perspective of “POTENTIAL UNION POWER” which now sits untapped. Consider Twitter as digital word of mouth on steroids in the 21st century.

101 from the perspective that we as the Rank & File don’t need to be social media experts and/or have big $$$ to leverage our numbers to significantly impact an issue.

101 because now we either completely ignore the structured use of Twitter & social media or use it passively to post either outrage or support – which has minimal impact.

Understanding the use of this tool and then putting structure behind it (which is the membership) will make a local union, all the way up to an International very formidable voice on behalf of workers.

In the next few posts we will continue to put the foundations in to mentor what this structure looks like. Please share this videos with other pro-worker members in your social media circles. Share baby share!

We will be moving on to an overview of how to sign up and competently use Twitter and then on to campaign structure.

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Danny L Caliendo
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