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This Congressman Wants To Give You The Right To Sue Union Busters –

This Congressman Wants To Give You The Right To Sue Union Busters –

And this will change market share how?

Until we passionately want to advance all workers and raise the activism to the level necessary to break the status quo, all the laws on the books to balance the playing field mean very little!

Know your anti-union law firms and consultants – because they know you well. They are pro-active to legislation that changes the game. If you Google Union Avoidance you will get an idea – to the extent the non/anti-union contractors/end-users will go to be union free. The clear majority of anti/non-union contractors have already, prior to any meeting with union organizers, market development reps or agents already made a rigid determination not to work with unions.

Who is paying the fees to these firms? Certainly not small and mid-size contractors. These bucks come from the big boys. The big end users, construction management firms and general contractors.

Spent some time looking at the client lists of some of these firms. Even better read the papers written by senior lawyers and consultants. Go online and get the NLRB disclosures of how they defeat us at the NLRB. Learn. The overwhelming fact is that most modern day organizers/market development reps have literally never filed a charge or used the NLRB properly. No “turn and burn”, real abilities to defend workers.

I have attended 9 anti-union seminars, was a stealth member of the ABC as a union organizer, been to numerous CURT meetings and a few other events that need not be mentioned yet. Since the anti-union knows labor in many ways better than we know ourselves, then deal with the facts and numbers you will learn by attending these meetings. If this doesn’t piss you off – then you have no business as a Union Leader! Knowing how they think will go a long way in crafting strategies and even laws to defeat them!

This dirty dozen group of law and consulting firms run a very tight play book for the big anti-union companies. In most cases if you do your homework, you may find that they work for a lot of CURT/NMA companies, as well as others. They are very good at talking out of both sides of their mouths, and they “keep the enemies to profit close”! All those fees and profits come off the workers backs!

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