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It’s all in the name – i hire building trades – – this decade old company along with 2 others, primarily do Building Trades recruitment for the non/anti-union. As you all got a little more familiar with Tradesman last week, which is temporary hiring for non-union building trades type firms, i hire building trades is a placement firm. They recruit basic rank and file trades-persons for full time placement for the non/anti-union. However where they make their money is in recruiting intermediate/senior level candidates for non/anti-union construction firms of all types. Foreman, GF, Superintendents, Construction Managers, Estimators and intermediate to senior level construction officers.

Their name is no fluke – it is by design. The non/anti-union has systematically captured the building trade’s internet search terms and a lot of the internet real estate surrounding search words that should take you to union sites, but that now take you to non/anti-union sites. I don’t know what our IT and other highly paid computer consultants are doing, but there job is not one of them!

These Head Hunting firms ACTIVELY recruit our younger stars of construction for placement with the non/anti-union. These firms primarily get much of their info on whom to contact from 2 sources. The first is from the client non/anti-union construction company who knows what names they are interested in. The second is from referrals of those that have already been recruited to the dark side.

We are training members at both the apprenticeship level as well as at the leadership level that are increasingly taking their skills to the other side without any penalties. In the business world they are called non-compete contracts, so where are our version of this? What a great business plan and deal for the non/anti-union. Unfettered access to very skilled crafts-person already vetted. Add to this that because our marketing reps do not pre-qualify a candidate non/anti-union construction firm before they approach them with “Value on Display”, wind up telling the bad contractor all they need to know on how to incorporate advancements in safety and training in construction. The lets call every non/anti-union contractor on the list and send them letters approach to market share increases is an abject failure.

The Building Trades is systematically losing its Value because the non/anti-union is transferring our skills to their side with the full co-operation of the end-users; so why would they sign a CBA based on our Strategy, or rather lack thereof, of Value on Display?

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

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