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Technology is the single most under-utilized asset of the building trades –

Dan Woodman of is focusing on 4 separate components of technology that aggressively use technology along with our membership, to change the dynamics of market development and organizing.

The first is an internal communications platform that connect leadership to membership thru mass texting, mass email and smart phone Apps. This entire platform is done, no need to develop it and spend membership money in union after union. This platform allows for customization for the individual union all the way up to the international. Properly used this platform brings our use of technology into the 21st century and is reflective of how all other businesses and organizations now communicate. This platform also allows the building trades to aggressively propel our collective voices/power into politics.

The second is using opposition websites and structured click campaigns against unscrupulous contractors and end-users.  Whining to the government and politicians about the abuses of a bad contractor does nothing. Putting all the abuses and violations of the bad contractor in areas where the customers and public go on the internet has a far greater impact of changing behavior. Also we are pioneering the use of cyber bottom up organizing campaigns run exclusively via the internet. It is driving the bad contractor nuts along with the anti-union lawyer/consultant.

The third is utilizing the internet to teach opposition research techniques to the union organizers which will be starting in May -2014. Also Leading Labor will now have instructional videos on how to use the various social media tools and programs to the Rank & File officers starting later this month.

The fourth is putting our union contractors at the point of sale. Stop wasting your union’s money interrupting customers/end-users who aren’t interested in a sales pitch, instead have our union contractors show up at the point of sale where advertising dollars are most effectively spent! Customers/end-users in the residential, service and mid commercial markets look for our contractors online. Your contractors need to be there when they search. Consider:

  • – 34,000 searches per second (2.9 billion per day)
  • – 20% of those searches are for local business
  • – Mid industrial, commercial, residential & service contractors primarily found on Google searches
  • – 61% of businesses will increase their marketing spending in 2014

Control the marketplace that matters with a Contractors Marketing Program™ CMP campaign:

  • – Set the price
  • – Displace competitors
  • – More business, more work, more hours for our signatory contractors
  • – Highly measurable, you will know if the dollars spent are getting union contractors  more work

Leading Labor co-ordinates all these internet activities and goes from our passive “build it and they will come” use of social media and the internet into raw power for workers and their unions.

You can contact Dan Woodman @ or by going to the Leading Labor website at

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