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President Trumka & The National Labor College –

The closing of the entire National Labor College program is all about “money”! For some hard numbers please click on this link to the AFL-CIO LM-2.  Please note the reporting period and the overall financial condition of the AFL-CIO.

The single most important element of labor’s resurgence is going to be education, not politics. We are jettisoning our only educational institution. The statement made on November 14, 2013 by President’s Trumka’s office said in part:  “It’s a huge loss, there’s no question about it,” said Trumka’s deputy chief of staff, Thea Lee. “If it were at all possible we would maintain it.”

Solve the problem Mr. President.

President Trumka knows 1st hand the value of education from his own experience and as the President of the UMW, the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO and as President of the AFL-CIO.

During his tenure as Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, Trumka focused on creating investment programs for the pension and benefit funds of the labor movement, capital market strategies,and demanding corporate accountability to America’s communities.  So use these abilities please.

The issues of the Labor College have been long standing and unattended too! They have been on the back burner for many years. Now that inattentiveness has manifested itself in being a burden to the AFL-CIO (all of us). The current proposed solution is to sell the property and take the proceeds of the eventual sale to shore up the financial position of the AFL-CIO for the “short term”.

Solutions, bold action, energy, ideas are needed NOW. If this issue can’t be solved – how in the hell do we think we can reverse the fortunes of the labor movement?

A resurrection of not only the Labor College but labor itself may be at hand. Consider the following. Read the LM-2’s of the respective Internationals, most of which are headquartered in very expensive properties in & around Washington DC. The taxes and upkeep along with the cost of living is one of the highest costs in the LM’s. Since the AFL-CIO has a premier piece of property, 47 acres immediately adjacent to Washington; both the AFL-CIO and many of the respective Internationals could sell their high priced and expensive to rent and to maintain DC properties and re-locate to a labor/educational campus.

The results would be pure energy and the renewal of the combined labor movement.  The inter-dynamics of education and leadership on a cutting edge campus are the needed spark to ignite the Labor movement for the 21st Century.

The AFL-CIO has many relationships that can help make this happen now! The necessary due diligence and QPAMs are all possible. Financial intuition’s that work with us all the time and earn quite good livings from our relationships such as J For Jobs, AFL-CIO – HIT and BIT Investment Trusts, American Reality, InterContinental Reality, MEPT and other such firms.

Invest in the real possibilities of creating the energy to catapult our labor organizations into this very corporate world. BREAK SOME EGGS!

Break the “status quo” Mr. President – think as an Organizer again please Brother!

What do you need from me, we’re in!

In Solidarity,

Danny L Caliendo

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