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Union Organizing & Dow @ 15,000

The strong correlations between the rich getting richer can be seen in the decline of Organized Labor across all sectors for the past 30 years. In our capitalist society the balance between labor, management and government is needed to be sure all have a seat at the table. Management serves a mindless piece of paper called a corporate charter whose religion is profits – pure and simple.

Government and government regulations and taxes are always needed and are always debated/argued about as to the form and reach of those regulations and taxes. However government oversight once agreed to, is tantamount to a lock on a door keeping an honest person honest.

What makes a free capitalistic society free is organized labor. Organized Labor has been an oxymoron now for the better part of 30 years. It is very clear that we have decided to co-operate to our own demise, with the very institutions that seek to put us out of existence.

All of the complaining about big money is useless without concerted activity to force management to share the profits. Our strategy for the past 30 years is an over reliance on politicians to advance labors rights and to appease/co-operate with big business. The lets not make waves approach in dealing with these “junk yard dogs” is exactly why we are in the water drowning.

A CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) used to be the vehicle that provided labor peace on a job for a time. Brothers & Sisters, no one signs a CBA willingly. Management signs for one of two reasons: they have too, or to gain entry into a CBA controlled market. Since we have very little control of any market, part two is dead on arrival.

Only a strong and pro-active labor movement will keep the American middle class in the game. Our approach in dealing with management should be the 21st century version of concerted activity, which would include large doses of civil disobedience and channeling all workers outrage into action!

As for our image and what concerted activity will do to it? Ask most normal independent minded American’s what or how they feel about organized labor? It’s not good at all. Americans at the end of the day like winners, and respect those workers with the integrity to advance all workers lives lawfully!

If we as Organized Labor continue down the part of being a victim, then we will not advance labors rights and get nothing.

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo

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