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Our Lawyers: the Good, the Conservative & the Ugly Labor College

Which type of lawyer do you have! Any lawyer serving labor that consistently councils your union on what you can’t do; or that you will be sued, has no business being involved in Organizing. A good part of why Labor has lost market share is we take otherwise aggressive Organizers and cut their legs out from under them because of BS council. If your lawyer doesn’t give you options on how to keep the pressure on and WIN! Fire Them!

Good organizers and lawyers are aggressive and win more campaigns. Relative to their success, they actually spend less money on fees over time. The return on investment (ROI) or market share is higher. Just as a wrestler has to learn to shoot (and loses some matches along the way) being aggressive leads to wins! The overly conservative lawyers’ track record is characterized by a long series of pushes, in which no one wins. The status quo and the National Labor Relations Board favor the Contractor.

The Ugly is characterized by a mismatch in the temperament and personality necessary for effective organizing. Example: Sometimes an Organizer inherits an incumbent attorney who, through no fault of his/her own, just isn’t matched well with the organizer’s agenda.                                                                                                               Labor College

The Good is characterized by a lawyer who works with the Organizer to push the win ratio higher. The good lawyer provides sound risk/reward parameters and actionable counsel. The good lawyer knows that sometimes you are going to have controlled losses on your way to victories.                                                                                                  Labor College

Information is a high priority when rendering counsel. Labor Combat Organizing College is now developing an electronic template or App that enables Organizers to provide real-time Geo stamps, voice, video and picture downloads between Organizers and lawyers. Most attorneys’ counsel is highly correlated with the past history and current specific circumstances of an organizing action. The Labor Combat Organizing College APP maintains a strict discipline of information on which to base decisions.

”if you see a good fight – get in it”


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