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TechCombat™ delivers more business to your signatory contractors, which means happier contractors, more member hours, and an added value proposition to remain in/join your union. An aggressive full frontal attack, TechCombat™ will set the price in your market and displace your non/anti-union competitors.

TechCombat™                                                                        Labor College

Leverage the power of your members to get your signatory contractors more business while displacing your non/anti-union competitors’ position in the marketplace.

Interruption marketing is becoming less eff­ective. People are sick of being interrupted.

  • – 44% of mail doesn’t get opened
  • – 86% of TV commercials are skipped
  • – Majority of Radio ads are not listened too, or tuned out
  • – 2/3 of US on FED’s “do not call” lists                                Labor College

Stop wasting you Unions money interrupting people who aren’t interested and start being there when they are. People are looking for your contractors online. Your contractors need to be there when they search.

  • – 34,000 searches per second (2.9 billion per day)
  • – 20% of those searches are for local business
  • – In most cases there are over 5,000 searches per month for a specific trade in a specific area*
  • – Commercial & Industrial end-users do their primary research online for contractors they use
  • – Light Industrial, Commercial & Residential contractors found on searches   
  • – 61% of businesses will increase their marketing spending in 2012

Control the marketplace that matters with a TechCombat™ campaign:

  • – Set the price
  • – Displace competitors
  • – More business, more work, more hours for our signatory contractors
  • – Highly measurable, you will know if the dollars spent are getting union contractors more work
  • – Organizing competitors with a true value added proposition         Labor College

*Inquire for the exact number of people searching for your contractors services per month in their area.

Go to for contact info & to learn more about TechCombat.

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