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For the record, Labor Combat Organizing College will not endorse any forms of violence when organizing.

Anyone familiar with the overall record of labor-management violence in history knows that the use of violence was clearly the tactics of management.                             Labor College

For the record, LCOC does not use a “turn & burn” organizing strategy of any type. In fact our strategies keep you out of the labor board. There have been 5 International level Officers in Labor Combat Classes so far, that can attest to that.                                                                Labor College                                

For the record, when referring to putting non/anti-union companies out of business; any organizer worth his/her salt will tell you that a company that is being organized may ultimately go out of business. Many anti-unions contractors philosophy is that they would “rather go out of business, than sign with a union”! During my 11 years as an organizer, many companies signed aCBA. However many other companies chose to go out of business or leave the jurisdiction we organized in? We used completely legal & lawful tactics to sign non/anti-union companies to aCBA, but some chose not to, at all costs, including closing their firms.

For the Record, you can be sued for almost any and every activity when organizing, especially if you are an aggressive organizer. In my 11 years of being a very aggressive organizer, my union was sued very little and none were successful. There were no settlements of any type, we organized within the law.

For the record, Labor Combat is an aggressive, strategy driven organizing platform which goes after a non/anti-unions contractor’s credit, clients and social footprint – legally and lawfully.

Those that feel LaborCombat is a “loose cannon” or “decimator” probably haven’t read the website and/or are very unsure about the whole organizing concept. Please visit and see for yourself! You may want to see our list of recommendations of those that have attended.

Every day now, Organized Labor is faced with very hard core language about putting us collectively ‘out of businesses, PERIOD! We have a right & responsibility to defend ourselves legally and lawfully. Stand up for America is the proper theme for all working people, and is especially true of the Brothers & Sisters who are at the forefront of renewing labors fight – the organizer.          Labor College                      

A scared organizer can’t organize!                                                                              

I worked for 2 officers when I organized, 1 is now a General Organizer, and the other is now the International General Secretary of the Ironworkers Union. They never had any problems with how my team organized. We organized legally and aggressively. We expanded our market share and never had a reputation of being illegal by the non/anti-union contractors, the NLRB, the courts, at any level, or the press.

 ”if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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