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New Dates for @LaborCombat & #TechCombat:

October 14, 2012Sunday toOctober 16, 2012Tuesday  #Skirmish Level #205

October 28, 2012Sunday toOctober 30, 2012Tuesday  #Special Ops SO #303

November 11, 2012Sunday toNovember 13, 2012Tuesday  #Skirmish Level #206

All Sessions at the Embassy Suites O’Hare, Rosemont, Illinois

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We recently attended Labor Combat Organizing College and wish to thank Brother Caliendo for all of his advice and insight. If you truly want to regain market share and re-establish your presence as the dominant player in your region, then Labor Combat is a must! We are at war Brother’s and we need to take back what is rightfully ours. Labor Combat will teach you how to do it!

“If you see a good fight……get in it!!


Shawn Robie and Shaun Enright – Organizers, I.B.E.W. Local Union No. 8
Shawn “Robie” Robaszkiewicz – Membership / Business Development Coordinator, IBEW Local 8                   

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Labor Combat Organizing College taught by Danny Caliendo, held at IBEW Local 131’s Union Hall. I found all portions of the class helpful, but I really enjoyed the tech combat segment I am already putting the new knowledge to work. Thanks Danny!

Joseph Michilizzi
Business Agent/Organizer
UA Local 333

I recently attended the Labor Combat class taught by Danny Caliendo at IBEW Local 131 Union Hall and think the class is a great asset for rookie or veteran organizers. I highly recommend the class, Thanks Danny!!!
Mark Woodward
Business Agent/Organizer
Roofers Local 70

 Thank you Brother Caliendo for sharing your experience and knowledge and of course your Passion for Organizing . Your classes were filled with all the up dated tools ,terms and total Mind Set needed to Get The Job Done !!!! Your students are going back to work a lot better prepared and with your “Danny Speak ” perspective of our strengths and weaknesses in the Labor movement they will know the Score and appreciate their important work. The computer tech was Excellent and Brents documented successful campaigns brings it all together!!! You can always learn as you go, or get serious and take the class. It’s worth the Money and the Friendships that Go With It!!!!

Paul Thompson

President/Business Agent

Ironworkers Local 63

Solid organizing class with veteran organizers working with us on our own markets. #TechCombat shows the power of the internet to get our contractors & unions more work!

I recommend this class to serious organizers & agents.

John Wright


SMW Local 20

After recently attending the Labor Combat Organizing College I have started to implement some of the strategies taught in the class. Starting with sharp research and getting a better handle on my market, it was nice to find out there were somethings I was already doing. It was even better to find out the things I was not. I look forward to the “Special Ops” training in the future! Thanks Danny for a great class and I hope all the organizations embrace this training.
Eric R. Jackson
IBEW 531
Organizer/Membership Development

As President of the Southwest Michigan Building Trades Council and Business Manager for Ironworkers Local 340, I would like to thank you for coming to Michigan to talk to our council about the Labor Combat Organizing College and the tactics that can be implemented to take back our market share and effective tools to combat the non union and better market our contractor base. I highly recommend bringing this to any council that wants to be proactive in organizing. The information is fresh, out of the box stuff that adds a lot of additional tools to the box, and bullets to the gun to win the war.

Hugh T. Coward


Southwest Michigan Building Trades Council

Working on new organizing techniques at @LaborCombat class. Recommend this class for all organizers and Business Agents. It KICKS ASS
Gary Menzel

Business Rep
Roofers Local 11

Danny, I enjoyed your class ! I am hoping it takes hold ! Good to see you and the boys today ! I like to think of the “Labor Movement” as moving ! If we are not moving we’re standing still! That helps NO ONE!
Tim Pinner

Organizer/Marketing Rep
Heat & Frost Local 17

I had the opportunity to attend the Laborcombat organizing class #Skirmish 200. The Laborcombat instructors have proven tactics , experience and great success in the field of organizing. Great class – highly recommend this class to all Union Brothers.
Dan Walker

Business Agent/Organizer

Local 27

It was great meeting you this week Danny Caliendo! Really enjoyed the class and look forward to implementing my new knowledge…. Thanks again!
Chris Hankins


IBEW Local 309


Danny L Caliendo  

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