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Visit the Right to Work website (below) and Read the 2012 Presidential Survey. If Section 4 doesn’t get a hard core response out of you, then give up your union book becuse you have no idea what a labor union is, or does!                                                               Labor College

4. “Extortion, as a technique, is extremely useful to union officials in obtaining demands for compulsory-union shops, “agency” shops, compulsory-union hiring halls, irrevocable dues check-offs and other coercive contract clauses.                                                      Labor College

While most criminal law is administered at the state and local levels, Congress has imposed federal penalties against criminal obstruction of interstate commerce (through extortion, for example), because state and local law enforcement are often ill-equipped to restrain this type of criminal activity.

But, as federal law currently stands, union officials have unique immunities from prosecution for committing or threatening to commit felonies — such as murder, manslaughter, maiming, arson, property destruction, explosives or firearms offenses, etc. — to block interstate commerce if they seek to obtain “legitimate union objectives.”                      Labor College

If this gets defined by the Anti-union RTW, we will be more than “thugs”, they are going for the “terrorist” label. If they say it over a period of time without our labor union responding, people will believe it!  So educate yourself & dam it, do 1 dam thing! Share it with comments. Call or go online and visit your politicians facebook and let them know that you demand to know where they are on this!

Sinclair Lewis once wrote that “fascism will come to America wearing an American Flag and carrying a cross”

Danny L Caliendo  

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