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Informal Announcement of CombatConstructionManagement: Labor College

A brief history, 23 years ago the Milwaukee Building Trades Council put into place a Non-Profit Construction Management Company called CCM (Complete Construction Management) It was designed by Brother Brent Emons to combat the construction managers cost/profit as it relates to the total cost of construction.

It was also a marketing tool to get union contractors and union workers on the job. CCM also provided many solutions to the end-users, one of which was no labor disputes on the job. It acted as a PLA for the job. It would be the construction manager of choice for any union pension funded jobs. It was a force to bid public funded jobs of all types. It was fully implemented and up and running and was hated by the for profit construction managers.                                    Labor College

23 years ago, construction work was flourishing in Wisconsin and thru-out the country. The for-profit construction managers did all they could to get CCM to go away. They succeeded, mostly because of the environment and Brent retired.

However the concept is very viable today. In most Building Trades Councils that LaborCombat visits, it is the for-profit construction managers that are squeezing the union subs right off the jobs. The “good cop – bad cop” games played between the end-user, construction manager and the general contractor is consistently pitting one union against another; and union vs non-union.                         Labor College

Plainly stated is that if we again resurrect this strategy for areas that could use it, the for-profit construction manager’s number goes away. This is the biggest number on the job! The Building Trades immediately become competitive without the for-profits profit.

They, the for profits, are going to hate this, however in a lot of areas throughout the country, this will be/is the only vehicle available to use, to get unions on a job. Many other areas need a competitive tool to market unions and their contractors.

At the end of August, LaborCombat will formally launch this product for consideration of the respective Building Trades Councils.                                   Labor College

This is not theory or “what if”, the documents exits intact to provide the platform to move quickly and decidedly to implement CCM. Building Trades Councils can be construction managers if done properly. It thwarts many anti-union initiatives at all state and federal levels! RTW go to hell!

The entire legal framework exists, which is hundreds of legal hour’s necessary for CCM to be viable. Done! They are being made available by Mr. Emons to LaborCombat to again provide a forceful, real solution to increase market share. We, Labor, can be our own legal non-profit construction manager!

The CCM document includes, but is not limited too:

A complete Business Plan. Statement of Purpose. Business Philosophy. Policy & Goals. Overview of the Business. Operations. Timetable & Funding. Competition. Promotion Strategy. Management of Company. Organizational Chart. Strengths & Weaknesses. Complete Market Survey of Target Area. 5 Year Budget.

The Articles of Incorporation are completely done and living.

Hopefully my Brothers & Sisters will educate themselves to this document and its very real ability to re-establish/gain in market share and kick some ass!

This is the first time this document has been seen in decades and has been reviewed by counsel; it is a potent weapon for those Building Trades Councils aggressive enough to pursue it, with minimal downside risk.                          Labor College

The concept was 20 years ahead of its time, now is the time to WIN!

@LaborCombat                                       Organizing Classes on steroids!

#TechCombat                                           Active not passive use of technology!

#CombatConstructionManagement       We are the builders!    

For those pro-active councils, please call for an advanced discussion of CCM.

 ”if you see a good fight – get in it” 


Danny L Caliendo

Labor Combat Organizing College

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