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Don’t Brace – Attack! Labor College

Brother Trumka, what the heck is going on with our AFL-CIO Leader?

Labor braces for attack should GOP sweep in November

By Michael O’Brien

“AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says he fears that Republicans would do to labor unions at a national level what they’ve sought achieve in the states should Mitt Romney win the presidency and the GOP control Congress come next January”.              Source First Read

First, what is the fear? ATTACK!

When on a battle field and you are ambushed and/or attacked you don’t “brace”, you don’t run – you attack!

Brother Trumka, you understand labor strife firsthand. We have the right leader if you again trust your instincts, and not the Washington BS.                                          labor college

The only issue confronting the American People, union or not is jobs. Bread & Butter Jobs! Organized labor’s mission has always been and continues to be; being the counterbalance to organized capital. Big capital is a mindless piece of paper with weak individuals serving it. Its only mission is irresponsible greed. A Bill of Rights for workers is nice, so are the points you made at Harvard. However, right now and for the foreseeable future; labor is being ambushed at every turn. One issue and one issue only until we get it right – jobs! A good wage & benefits solve almost all other issues. Get small on the battle field and attack. This “force on force” big ticket, highbrow intellectual visions and speech making play right into the hands of the GOP. Too many moving parts!                                                                                                       

Think Pittston Coal Strike in 1989, and other campaigns.                                 labor college

Labor needs to think asymmetric across the board. Think hard core targeted social media campaigns, non-violent civil disobedience, and corporate campaigns with pinpoint Wall Street targets. Think 6 Degrees of Separation, pressure points and critical paths with regard to financial interests and earnings.                                                                    labor college

In the hands of labor rest the living standards of a whole country, if not most of the world. So much for the grand experiment within labor of treating our employers as customers? Their not.

Please Brother, lose the “oxfords & tie” – do not become an “old guy in a suit”.

The Rank & File has your back Brother – ATTACK!

 “if you see a good fight – get in it”


Danny L Caliendo

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