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Guerilla Combat

This is Salting on steroids. Have you ever been to an anti-union seminar? Created a corporation to solicit information and bids? Joined an anti-union association like the ABC? Conducted mock organizing campaigns/skirmishes?

Labor Combat Organizing College will instruct you on strategies to, and the value of, getting your organizers in close to the non/anti-union forces.  Hell, the anti-union contractors already hate us and want to put us out of existence, so let’s give them a good reason. The consensus number Labor Combat Organizing College has seen is that approximately 80% of the non/anti-union contractors work with anti-union consultants and lawyers, whose sole mission is to defeat working with a union regardless of our tactics.  Simply stated, almost 80% of all non/anti-union contractors have already, prior to any initiative on our part, said “No” to working with us in any way. So, what is the value of marketing to this type of predisposition? Note: Union contractors are also increasingly attending these sessions. 

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