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The power of technology, as it relates to organizing, has yet to be realized. The ability to leverage the internet to provide updated and accurate information, dispel rumors and disinformation, conduct research and mock organizing campaigns, etc., is in the formative stage. Opportunities to manage information and connect with the next generation of workers are awesome. Labor Combat Organizing College is at the cutting edge of organizing and instruction on how to use this powerful tool.

Labor Combat Organizing College has 2 APPs under development with 3 more being researched. However, the “build-it-and-they-will-come” website will not induce unorganized workers to connect with labor unions. Labor Combat Organizing College has found painfully few Locals with websites where you can get in direct contact with an Organizer within 3 clicks from the Local’s homepage. Most seasoned Organizers know that despite unorganized workers’ supposed rights to organize, they fear their employer, case closed.

The unorganized workers, should they get past their fear, need to be able to easily connect directly to an Organizer via phone, text or e-mail. Even one level of filters or “ears” is one too many. 

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