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A School for Organizers

“Ideal organizers are hard to come by, but a program of rigorous training can upgrade many of them who now are stumbling along for months in losing campaigns. The bar for hiring organizers needs to be raised.

A “West Point” for organizers should be created that would provide a professional-level of training for would-be organizers. Instructors would use video and interviews to check the personality and character traits of students, testing their ability to deal with difficult problems that often occur in any organizing campaign. There would be time spent in field exercises to study campaigns that are in actual progress.

Organizers should know how to write an appropriate answer in response to an employer’s letter to the workers’ families. They should be able to make a convincing speech about the value of unions to a group of non-union workers or a public audience.

A report of student performance, including videos and written exercises, would be sent to the appropriate unions. Upon completion of the course, students would receive a professional degree.

Considering the huge sums that unions spend on losing campaigns, wouldn’t an investment in an elite school for organizers make sense?”

                                                               -Harry Kelber The Labor Educator

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