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Co-operation vs. Capitulation

Vegas Baby! Most brothers and sisters, when asked if they won in Vegas, say that they “broke even” or “made some money”.

If that were the case, Vegas would cease to exist or at least not thrive. Labor Combat Organizing College’s point is that many in Organized Labor continue to say that they are “breaking even” in market share. Some even insist that they “raised market share and density.” Looking at a true composite of market share over 40 years using numbers provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Associated General Contractors of America, Construction Users Round Table, The Bureau of National Affairs, Associated Builders & Contractors and CockShaws shows that union labor is at approximately 8.7% in the private sector in 2010, and a little higher in construction. The numbers clearly show that the Building Trades are co-operating and marketing ourselves right out of existence. I often wonder what our forefathers, who in many cases are our own family members, would think of our numbers and how we spin them.

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