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National Labor Relations Board

Labor Combat Organizing College instructs organizers on how to minimize interaction with the National Labor Relations Board, and still maintain maximum pressure on target contractors. Unions need to disengage from the National Labor Relations Board to the highest degree possible.

The National Labor Relations Board moves much too slowly to keep up with Labor Combat Organizing College type tactics and pressure. Labor Combat Organizing College will instruct you on what strengths, abilities, and rights are given up when we claim the work.  Once recognition of the union is established by the contractor, we waive certain abilities and job site activities and seriously jeopardize, and put in the hands of the National Labor Relations Board, many other actions we could undertake to pressure the non/anti-union contractor. If we engage in a traditional “bottom-up” style of organizing, unions should err on the side of organizing workers where they live, not at work, if they want to leverage their strategic advantage. It’s the rule of “Six Degrees of Separation” – we have many connections to these unorganized workers and we should use them!

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