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Moneyball –

This baseball movie is about Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s, who in 2001 turns the old guard of baseball on its ear by fielding a team based almost exclusively on their on-base percentage (OBP).

He changed Baseball forever –

Looking at market share development in the Building Trades, the leadership may do well looking at the numbers and what the numbers say.

The Construction Chart Book, 5th Edition – is a great place to start when looking at numbers regarding the Building Trades. The bad news regarding the Building Trades continuing loss of market share since 1992 is probably why no one knows about this book and may also be why the Building Trades does not circulate it.

The “Old Guard” of market development using Value on Display will not acknowledge the numbers. The entire framework of the Building Trade’s market share rests with our Rank & File agents/marketing reps advancing this proposition to end-users and customers. Just like a new General Manager taking over a team prior to Billy Beane’s game altering changes – you could change manager after manager, and have the same results. Likewise we do not learn from the numbers.

What the numbers clearly and overwhelmingly say is that the non/anti-union contractors and end-users do not sign a full CBA because of our skills, safety and branding efforts.

If one steps back and truly acknowledges the numbers of our way of market development and what they tell us about entities like the Construction Users Roundtable, one will see a their more apparent strategy unfolding.

In the next couple of Blog posts on Wednesday and Thursday we will look at just 2 alternative reasons why the “Big Boys” (CURT) of the construction world continues to deal with the Building Trades at all!

However it is on their terms exclusively.

The first substantial reason is our skills –however understand that at every turn they are looking to reduce costs, and are by the numbers constantly getting concessions at every turn from the trades.

I would propose that what our Building Trades leadership thinks is an increased amount of work (say in the Gulf Coast area) because of our value, is in fact a massive initiative in identifying and then recruiting future workers, from within our ranks; on CURT’s part, along with other non/anti-union entities, which is hiding in plain sight!

The second reason is our safety – however it is not the kind of safety that returns workers home each night, it is the money side of the safety equation. The “Big Boys” especially the construction managers and owners are making almost as much money on safety as on their construction operations, raping our union contractors with their OCIP and CCIP programs.

They need to have “SOME” unions on the job to be able to maximize profits using a blended rate. Understand that our union contractors increasingly DO NOT receive the benefits of a great safety culture in the form of lower premiums any longer.

You may want to read our Blog entitled Safety the Dark Side – as a start to this increased awareness of this alternative reasons in why the Big Boys in the construction world leave us exist, at least for the short term.

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising Group

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