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McGarvey In Way Over His Head With Trump –

Trump Mc Garvey

President Trump summoned the Building Trades last week for an impromptu meeting. Impromptu for the Trades. However, not for Trump.  Sean McGarvey and the IP’s who were available marched on over to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

First, it is apparent from the demeanor of the trades leadership articulated in the video releases that Sean McGarvey must not have read President Trumps’ books – The Art of the Deal – et al!

Here are 2 links: The first is Sean McGarvey, President of the Building Trades, and his effusive praise of President Trump:

Second link is the IP of the Laborers, Terry O’Sullivan:

In addition to not reading Trumps’ books, the BT leadership must have missed the exit polls. While 41% of BT members voted for Trump, 24% of the 41% said it was not a PRO-Trump vote, but an anti-establishment vote.

Throughout this blog will be quotes directly from Trump.

First, when called to an impromptu meeting and caught off guard, all professional negotiators are taught to basically listen, ask SOME questions and get the hell out of there. From Mark Cuban to Carl Ichan this is a given. Trump not only caught the trades off guard – but there were developed discussions. Trump was sizing up the Building Trades – nothing more! And they failed to measure up in every way. Trump has always said he only respects a tough deal maker. We know that from his books and history. One particular phase that was used by Sean McGarvey is that he said, in a matter of fact way, that the trades will be “looking forward to working with him [Trump]”. Trump views that as caving in. Another excerpt applicable from Trump’s book: “The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead” ― The Art of the Deal. Had Trump heard that there are substantive differences to negotiate, the trades could have exited the ambush and reloaded. Trump also knows the trades fell for a key no no! “Don’t underestimate the opposition” (Trump didn’t)— “or assume they think like you do” (the Trades did) just because he is a builder and we are builders – but, huge issues exist. However, apparently not to the trades leadership. One of the first commandments of Trump is: “Leverage: don’t make deals without it.” ― The Art of the Deal. The trades have very little leverage and Trump knows it! It is why Trump met for 90 minutes, it was to see if the trades would end the meeting. Yes, end the meeting even with the President. Whoever ends the meeting generally wins that meeting. This has happened plenty of times in history. The best example I feel was Martin Luther King’s negotiating style with President Johnson. Had he caved, even a little, we most likely wouldn’t have the Civil Rights we have today!

A win for Trump right out of the box in negotiation style and points, which BTW, count big time.

President Trump is going to create jobs early on – period. Union and non-union jobs. The Building Trades, with approximately 11% of those jobs in construction, will get some of them. Trump isn’t going to keep score, he is after perception and framing a narrative in the public’s eye, and in our world of the trades, as a jobs creator.

Who is keeping score is the Right Wing and anti-union Congress and Senate, along with the world of construction. Here is a link to research Labor Rising took 3 years to compile on who precisely they are and their respective functions:!AmKOi71GyLcgr3k2DDi–j6XBXd4

So, in the near term the trades will be lulled in. McGarvey is hooked already, it is displayed in the videos. Looming in short order, to long term (2 years tops), will be anti-union initiatives. Why 2 years? — Midterm Federal elections. The Republicans won’t be as stupid as the Democrats were. They have complete power for the next 2 years and they will use it! They will erase every bit of labor protections they can. It has already started with Senate Bill to suspend Davis-Bacon introduced by Senator Flake (R) on Highway and Infrastructure spending at the Federal level. Is it lost on Sean McGarvey that Trump has demands from construction users, including AGC and Chamber of Commerce, to repeal PLAs?

NOTE: see bullet point 3 in link. Is this the level playing field Sean McGarvey was referring to in the video?

Trump’s Congress and Senate will attack public sector unions with a vengeance and the trades will sit on the sidelines for a promise of 30 pieces of silver. The private sector has a 6% union presence. The public sector approximately 33%. Want to kill unions as completely as possible, including the Trades? Public sector must be clipped big time. Yes, the repeal on TPP was great for workers – however, the total composite of public/private union membership is 10.7%, so keep this in context.

Hiding in plain sight, which Sean McGarvey could see if he took the blinders off, is an analysis of probability of outcome – a variation of risk/reward! Should the trades have kept their cards close and their comments neutral? Every negotiator of any merit would say YES!! The trades did not! There is one very simple way to find out if Trump is playing the Trades. DOES HE VETO legislation bad for the unions that the Congress and Senate pass? The R’s don’t have the numbers to override Trump’s veto. So, this is going to be plain to see.

One of Trump’s favorite books is The Art of War by Sun Tzu. By every number measurable, this passage applies to what is happening in the trades. “In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it.” – Sun Tzu Quotes, the Art of War. There is zero doubt in the numbers that the non-union is transferring the union contractors and workers to the non-union. We are nothing more than a pool of labor. Yes, with skills, but with less and less jobs – transferrable!

Is it lost on Brother McGarvey that infrastructure, even full speed ahead is more than 2 years away? It would be very wise of the seasoned negotiator that Trump is to follow an old but powerful adage – “Keep your enemies close.” Why not draw the trades in close and indicate how valued they are? Get them involved in the work and jobs infrastructure will produce. Entangle the leadership with relationships. Exam how to beat the trades in crucial situations that will manifest themselves as infrastructure gets closer to reality. Use the best minds in union construction to build the template of infrastructure for the next couple of decades – and then, drop them and hit them from every angle.

Trump’s philosophy and way of thinking is clear in his books – “In the make-believe world, you will automatically get paid what you are worth. The real world doesn’t work that way. You get paid what you are worth only when the person you are dealing with has no other choice” – from Trump’s Book, Think Big and Kick Ass. Sean may want to pay attention to the title. With Trump, it is not hyperbole! The irony here is our Founders knew this, and made sure management had NO OTHER CHOICE! And the middle class was born.

Is it lost on Sean McGarvey that Trump has so alienated women and people of color that the more we work “WITH HIM” [Trump], the more the likelihood those we would want to join us – won’t? The trades are trying to be more inclusive, if for no other reason survival, and we alienate the very workers we want to have join us. We at Labor Rising know firsthand that Hispanic leaders of a national group are looking to start their own BT unions; especially with the WALL going up. If women, Hispanics, people of color & MOVEMENT-driven members see the trades in this “bromance” with Trump, the trades cease to exist. The existing trades can be gone around. You’re playing with dynamite Sean – with the membership rising on one side, and an anti-union government and states on the other!

Is it lost on Sean McGarvey that collaboration has led to wholesale capitulation for the last 20 years? Value on Display is a total failure. Retention in the trades is at, and/or under 1:1. Translation is the trades are literally training the workers for the non-union. Hard core recruitment of the trades’ best hands is in its 4th year and effective.

Defined Benefit plans are failing and approximately 100 funds are now either insolvent and/or projected to be.

Is it lost on Sean McGarvey that time is gone? If the trades allow themselves to be sucked in with promises, when the very laws that support labor are repealed, we are done. 2 years and the non/anti-union will be able to run the table. Keep saying they need us, Sean, and we will be gone.

The end-users, Developers, CM’s, GC’s have a plan. One that JC Turner outlined in 1979, and our 3 years of research confirms. Every number out there comports with the trades failing if you [McGarvey] and the IP’s continue to insist on going forward.

Absolutely lost on Sean & the IPs is “if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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