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The terms tactic and strategy are often confused: tactics are the actual means used to gain an objective, while strategy is the overall campaign plan, which may involve complex operational patterns, activity, and decision-making that lead to tactical execution.

In the last 2 Blogs, we have demonstrated the Labor Rising Strategy & Tactics of winning market share in the 21st century for the trades. In the last 2 Blogs, we have discussed briefly the research phase of the tactical portion of the strategy.

Links to the last 2 Blogs:

Here is a link to the Revenue Scatter Chart in the Last Blog.!AmKOi71GyLcgvijgBz94AgIHbm6c Many called them “dots”! What they are, are data points. Live data points, which means among other things, is that if you move your cursor over the data point “dot” it will give actual data – such as info and location to name but a few items.

Also, it interacts/integrates with the Excel Spreadsheet – so here is a link to the training Excel of a partial market in Philly.!AmKOi71GyLcgq0qgCE4NbqbBgEX0   When an Organizer/Market Reps does their homework of running their trades SIC/NAICS codes – all companies will be there. Both union and non-union. So, on the Excel we can assign a Formula to ID the union companies in their respective Cells. Once this is done – then with a click, the Revenue Scatter Chart can show the unions actual presence and density in any respective market. Even nationally. So, those data points – “dots”, can now show exact mix of union data points and non-union data points.

Note: Labor Rising, Labor Combat has zero permission to show an actual Revenue Scatter Chart. There are 82 of them that we know of in the trades at various stages of development. Fully developed Charts have very elaborate Data Points consisting of different colors and shapes. By looking at those Charts any viewer can look at the legend of what colors, shapes etc. are; and rapidly conclude the overall and/or specific market we want to increase market in! Then and only then can we apply Tactics to win!

A Compression Zone(s) is seeing actual data in near real time with ALL relevant facts in markets where union and non-union exist. Union contractors once assigned a specific, but different color/shape data point will clearly show the Org/MR the specific mix of union to non-union in a given revenue spread. So as an example, if the Org/MR wants to know all commercial companies in the 10 – 20-million-dollar range of work – they have the exact MARKET Share of union/non-union of that market. They can also lay this segment of the market, over the entire market to see the density of work for the union.  Objective information of the whole.

Once an Organizer/MR can use Formulas and other features in Excel, they then can separate entire markets very precisely. So, separate commercial from industrial. Service, maintenance, fabrication. Know that there are separate/multiple companies under a common ownership. Far far more!

At this point the Org/MR has only done RESEARCH. Approx. ½ of their total time will be to have an objective map of the industry. Right now, they listen to partial reports and events AS THEY KNOW THEM to be. Mostly from subjective field observation. So, we are winging it by and large, when the market is moving at Light Speed in changes, and we use a Model T. And yet we expect to win on the strength of talking to CUSTOMERS about our VALUE.

A properly formatted and researched Compression Zone(s) can tell you who is worth talking too based on market facts and conditions as they are unfolding. It will help the Org/MR prioritize the targets/contractors for what tactics will then apply to sign the company to a CBA, Collective Bargaining Agreement, or use other tactics to take them OUT of that market! With research, it will show us upstream relationships with the GC, Construction Manager, Developer and End-Users. Those that ultimately make the decisions and sign the checks.

In the next Blog we will further discuss Compression Zone(s) strategy and then Tactics to turn a market that is bad for the union into a market that is highly union. These strategies when properly done – care less about RTW laws and anti-union sentiments. We the union are going to operate in an entirely different environment that companies/contractors are going to hate! Hate because for the first time they will see an Independent Free Trades Labor Movement have direct input and impact on their business model. For better or worse.

Let’s see if this is BS, or something that an Org/MR can do with the discipline of action once all research is done in the War Room. All Internationals can teach this structure – they do not on purpose. Their business model is collaboration/capitulating, and providing technical skills at prices that the companies/contractors set! A temp agency. Don’t need to be a MOVEMENT, just a business with sufficient hours coming in to get a rather large check for the “boys”!

“if you see a good fight – get in it”

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

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