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While the Rank & File see greater pay disparity to cost of living and fewer job opportunities throughout North America – one group has NEVER missed a check!

While pay, conditions and benefit concessions continue year after year for the trades Rank & File in the field “NET”, for the last 2 decades – our Internationals leadership continue to prosper.

“IF” any of their programs to increase market share worked what so ever in the last 20 years – then an argument may be made for International Leaders doing better. The hard and verifiable facts are we are losing market share and the culture of “shut up & toe the line” and threats from the Internationals has to end if not by the IP’s, then by membership!

Our Internationals aren’t closing the income inequity gap they profess to be outraged with! With the continuing concessions and unilaterally rolling over to CURT (Construction Users Roundtable) and to construction management, every number demonstrates they are contributing to that gap!

As we get into 2016 – we are going to be very plain spoken with how we change and if necessary re-make the Building Trades –which is absolutely possible. With 87% of all construction workers non-union, we will discuss how that is not only possible – but likely, and sooner than you may think.

EVERYONE is making money – EXCEPT the workers doing the work!

Before we tackle change in an entrenched culture let’s look at the numbers we are talking about and where the memberships money is spent. You the Rank & File can then make reasoned comments, motions & resolutions inside our house of labor and your respective union. As importantly there are very real ways to go around entities that insist on being far less then democratic and accountable.

Labor Rising/Labor Combat is a reform group, only BM’s and leaders that demonstrate field values and the heritage of our Founders look at us and thank god there is a core group of them and I know – more!

Let’s start with getting your unions LM-2 – what?!? Our internationals, district councils, building trades & locals all have to file complete forms on all operations.

One of them is the LM-2 and to get it we need to go to the US Department of Labor Union Search Form site –

NOTE: Sometimes the links time out or just don’t work with different browsers or for periods of time! So you may need to “cut & paste” and do some Googling.

At the top of the form is “Union Search” then on the next line is “Enter File Number” (if known) with the box for the number – so enter your Internationals File Number listed below and hit the “Submit” button.

Building Trades Internationals DOL File Numbers: UA File # 000-111, IW File # 000-052, IBEW File # 000-116, SMART File # 000-073, OE File # 000-159, Laborers File # 000-131, Roofers File # 000-135, OPCMIA File # 000-132, BAC File # 000-034, IUPAT File # 000-035, Boilermakers File # 000-074, Elevator File # 000-197, Insulators File # 000-090, Carpenters File # 000-085, Teamsters File # 000-093, AFL-CIO File # 000-106.

The President of the Building Trades, Brother Sean McGarvey 2013 Total Compensation – $391,986.00 – Gross Salary: $336,353.00 – Allowances: $25,480.00- Official Business: $22,627.00 – Other Compensation: $7,526.00

An example of what we pay for – McGarvey Op-Ed: Change in visa program betrays American workers on 1/15/2016

Expanded H-2Bs allow foreign migrant workers to inundate labor market, reduce blue-collar wages

It is the Building Trades own collaboration and Value on Display with entities such as CURT, that work against union trades at most every turn legislatively that has gotten the H-2B’s expanded – then he is surprised about it. In the piece he states “Today’s job market is tight. A recent economic analysis reveals that six unemployed Americans are competing for every single job opening in construction.
All six will soon be out of luck. Last month, Congress told construction employers to fill that position with a foreigner.” Wow LUCK – the Building Trades wouldn’t have to rely on “luck” or “hope” if it didn’t collaborate with the very business groups that want to see unions gone! Be a MOVEMENT again – not a BRAND!

So what is it Brother Sean – worker shortages or a surplus of workers, and now foreigners which BTW are at the core of Labor Trafficking – legal slavery!

Also BTW Brother Sean – as of this posting today the 18th a Facebook account that Labor Rising owns, Americas Building Trades, is still being featured on the  Building Trades website.  Link to screen shot – see time and date in corner.!6266&authkey=!AFP1yQ2E5hjt8xA&v=3&ithint=photo%2cPNG

So back to LM-2’s which contain a lot of info in which to exam and do further research and questioning on. Stuff like budgets for tech, social media, old fashioned printing, postage, IT, advertising, old fashioned marketing, research and more.

Be sure to review and learn what schedules do and are. For example, Schedule 13 is the real membership numbers. Many Internationals include categories like retirees, honorary retirees, early retirees, dropped, suspended, disabled, pre-apprenticeship, probationary and other categories in the totals for membership. Actual membership in the field are typically much lower. You can pull up previous LM-2’s for trends.

Disbursements for Official Business compared to (D) Gross Salary.

Schedule 19 is overhead, can be interesting reading as can most schedules.

Section 69 is the summary and footnotes – pay attention.

Any member can get their own locals LM-2 with some searching and most times you can Google – What is Locals/District Councils 123 LM-2 File Number?

Also NOTE: Other disclosure vehicles are used for different activities – so membership money is found in other forms like Labor-Management contributions which BTW the membership funds! Hint – hint!?!

Other types of LM’s are available at Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) – Here they are –

An educated member is the best weapon to gain control over a democratic union again and is why most internationals and there “loyal to a fault minions” WILL NOT use 21st century technology and social tools of today. First – they are politicians that want to control, second – they are scared of technology and especially empowering membership, third – have an arrogance that will not allow them to see that their long held strategy of collaboration is a loser and is used against the trades!

The Building Trades leadership at the state/province & local levels either serve membership or Washington DC/Ottawa, Canada – and the clock of history is running!

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Danny L Caliendo
Labor Rising/Labor Combat

Rank & File members and agents will engage, disagree, comment, Like & Share, Win –
Politicians will intimidate and punish, Lose –

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